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One month left – should you upgrade to Windows 10?

We look at whether it's worth upgrading to Microsoft's new operating system.

One month left – should you upgrade to Windows 10?

Only one month remains until Microsoft’s big Windows 10 giveaway comes to an end. After 29 July – the one-year anniversary of the operating system’s release – you’ll have to pay £99 if you decide to upgrade. So if you like a freebie and your laptop or all-in-one PC is currently running Windows 8, 7 or something even older, then it’s make-your-mind-up time.

It’s been a rather tumultuous 11 months since Windows 10 was released, with Microsoft being criticised for forcing users to install Windows 10, as well as numerous teething problems and compatibility issues.

But to find out whether it’s still worth taking advantage of the free download, we asked our PC-using members about their experiences with the operating system the tech giant calls its best ever.

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Windows 10 – your verdict

We asked more than 5,500 PC owners which version of Windows they use. More than 3,000 were using Windows 10, suggesting that the push to get consumers on to the latest operating system has been pretty successful.

And of those people on Windows 10 – a combination of upgraders and people who had bought a brand new computer – an overwhelming three quarters told us that they were satisfied with the new software.

That leaves one in 10 who expressed disappointment. Not a disaster for Microsoft, but perhaps still quite surprising considering how much effort it appeared to put into remedying the damage done by the much maligned Windows 8.

In fact, of the 2,500 or so respondents who upgraded to Windows 10 from a previous version, 12% actually went to the extent of rolling back to their old Windows operating system. They cited the following as their top five reasons for the about turn:

Windows 10 – our verdict

We’re a big fan of some of the innovations that Microsoft has introduced (or, in the case of the Start button, reintroduced). Bringing in apps to complement traditional programs is a positive change and the baked-in Defender security is strong.

And a whole year to upgrade for free is an uncommon show of generosity from Microsoft when it comes to new Windows releases. Even when it goes up to £99 at the end of July, it will still be cheaper than all but one of the previous two decades’ worth of upgrades when allowing for inflation. To update from Windows 98 to XP back at the start of the millennium, for example, the price was the equivalent of £126 today.

But we’re still not entirely convinced, and we think the decision of whether or not to upgrade largely depends on what operating system you currently run. Check out our Windows 10 review to discover our full, final verdict.

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