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Urgent: Ikea recalls unsafe stair gates

Patrull, Patrull Fast and Patrull Klämma affected

The Patrull stair gate from Ikea

Stair gates recalled: the Ikea Patrull (pictured), Patrull Fast and Patrull Klämma

Ikea has issued an urgent recall for its range of Patrull safety gates. A problem with the locking mechanism has resulted in children falling down stairs.

If you own a Patrull safety gate you should stop using it immediately. This includes the Patrull, the Patrull Fast and the Patrull Klämma.

Read on to find out how to get a full refund, and use our stair gate reviews to find a replacement.

What to do if your Ikea stair gate is affected

A recent investigation has found that the locking mechanism on Patrull safety gates is unreliable. Several children had fallen down the stairs after the door unexpectedly opened, with some needing medical attention.

Anyone who owns a stair gate from the Patrull range should stop using it straight away and take it back to an Ikea store as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a receipt – Ikea will issue a full refund.

If you’re unsure whether you own one of the affected stair gates you should contact Ikea on 0203 645 0010. 

We’ve previously reviewed the Patrull and the Patrull Fast stair gates. In light of these recent developments we will be investigating this issue further. 

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How we test baby and child products for safety

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