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Car seat laws around the world

Holidaying with your child abroad need-to-know

children on holiday in a car

Know essential child car seat safety info before you pack your suitcases

Heading off for a family holiday, but unsure what the child car car seat rules are where you’re going? Find out all you need to know about top destinations, before you set off, in our handy new guide.  

We’ve put the car seat rules and regulations for popular holiday destinations all in one place, to save you time and hassle before your holiday, and stop you falling foul of the law when you get there. 

The Which? guide is unique because we’ve compiled it with help from our team of international car seat experts from other consumer organisations around the world.

Don’t hit the road without reading our unique guide to car seat laws around the world.

Child car seat laws

Ever wondered what the car seat height limit is in France, or if you need to use a car seat in a taxi in Spain? Our unique guide reveals the current rules for European destinations, including France, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands and Ireland, as well as further afield in Canada and the USA.

Plus we’ve rounded up advice on hiring a car seat abroad, how to avoid ending up with a Don’t Buy car seat in your hire car and our top five holiday car seat safety tips – bringing you a package of need-to-know info. 

UK child car seat regulations

Even if you’re not hiring a car abroad, it’s worth checking you’re aware what the current child car seat rules are in the UK. That way you can  make sure your most precious passengers are as safe as they can be, whether you’re setting off for The Highlands or the golden beaches of Cornwall.

12 years old or 135cm UK law states children must use a child car seat until they reach either of these points first.

UK law states that children must use a child car seat until they are 12 years old or 135cm tall (around 4ft 5in), which ever of these happen first. 

Even though this is the law, it’s worth knowing that many car seat experts recommend you use a child car seat for all children under 150cm. This is the height limit in some European countries. 

Car seat weight groupscheck your little one is in the right car seat

Child car seat reviews

If you’re not keen on hiring a car seat abroad head over to the Which? child car seat reviews where you can find crash test results for more than 150 child car seats to choose from to take on holiday with you.

Our unique reviews cover baby car seats, toddler car seats and car seats for older children; we tell you how safe each car seat its, based on actual crash test data, as well as how easy they are to install and use.    

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