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Long holidays could void home insurance claims

Some policies only cover you for 30 days away

Check the terms of your home insurance policy before you set off on holiday

If you’re away from home an extended period of time, such as a long trip overseas, you could find yourself unable to claim on your insurance if you’re burgled. 

One in seven of the 55 separate home insurance policies we recently looked at had an ‘unoccupancy’ clause, excluding loss and damage claims, that kicked in after only 30 days. 

Those building and contents policies, from AA, Admiral, Endsleigh, Esure, Lloyds, Shielas’ Wheels, Swiftcover and Zurich, would come up short if you’re on a break of longer than a month.

  • In our home insurance reviews, we scrutinise the standard policies of 39 providers, as well as feedback from thousands of customers, to ensure you find the most suitable deal. 

Check for unoccupancy clauses with your insurer

For most of the policies we looked at, the full cover period lasted for 60 days – but there was a wide range, and some allow you to extend your policy.

Admiral’s more expensive ‘Gold’ and ‘Platinum’ policies offered extensions for 45 and 90 days respectively, while the Lloyds home insurance policy allowed for up to 60 days cover for a typical added premium of around 10-20%. 

If you anticipate spending a long time away from home, check with your insurer that it can provide ongoing cover, and what arrangements you may need to have in place. 

The longest period of cover revealed in our research was 180 days, from Budget Insurance – although this was contingent on the house being ‘attended’ at least once a week.   

Policies with 30-day unoccupancy clauses
Insurer Policy name Period of cover
AA Standard Home Insurance – Buildings and contents 30 days
Admiral Home Insurance 30 daysa
Endsleigh Home and possessions cover 30 days
Esure Home insurance 30 days
Lloyds Banking Group Home insurance 30 daysb
Sheilas’ Wheels Home insurance 30 days
Swiftcover Swift Made 30 days
Zurich Home insurance 30 days

Table notes
Research: May 2016. a Gold policy is for 45 days, Platinum up to 90 days. b Can extend to 60 days for around 10-20% of premium.

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