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Top 5 ways to keep cool and enjoy the heatwave

Tips for summer from the experts at Which?

Sunbathing in the heatwave

Don’t forget to wear a Best Buy sun cream during a heatwave.

Summer is finally here and it’s proving to be a scorcher. But despite the uncomfortable heat, there are plenty of ways you can enjoy the heatwave without melting.

So whether you’re outside soaking up the rays, or indoors trying to stay cool, our top five tips will help you make the most of the sunshine while it lasts. 

Use a Best Buy sun cream

The feeling of the warm sunshine on your skin can be lovely, but it’s crucial that you stay protected with a good sun cream. It’s best to apply sun cream 15 minutes before you head outside and re-apply it at least every two hours. 

You’ll need to use about 35ml to cover your whole body, which is around seven teaspoons. It’s also important to remember that not all sun creams offer the protection they claim to – see our sun cream Best Buys to find one that’s effective and great to use.

Have a barbecue

When the sun comes out, so do all the barbecues in the supermarkets. From portable, table-top grills to big, six-burner gas-powered outdoor kitchens, there are a lot to choose from. 

But our tests have found that you don’t have to spend a lot to get a good barbecue that will cook tasty food and be easy to use.

So whether you’re a fan of authentic smoky barbecue flavours from a charcoal barbecue, or like the convenience of a gas model, take a look at our barbecue Best Buys to discover the models that are right for you. 

Celebrate with Prosecco

If you fancy a little tipple with your barbecue, we can recommend some excellent Prosecco that came out top in our taste tests. Our Best Buy has fragrant apple scents, perfect for a hot day. 

If your tastes run to Champagne, our highest-scoring Best Buy costs just £16.99. Discover all our Best Buy food and drink, from sausages to yoghurt.

Use a personal or jug blender

There are so many cool and healthy drinks you can create using a blender. If you’re making smoothies for just you to enjoy on the hot train to work, a mini blender could be ideal.

But if you want to make cool summer drinks for the whole family, or cocktails for a party, a large-capacity jug blender would be better.

Our jug blender and mini blender tests have revealed that many blenders struggle to process hard foods, or to crush ice – essential if you want to enjoy icy treats.

Cool your room with a fan

If you haven’t got air-conditioning, then a fan to move the air around can provide the cooling breeze you’re looking for. It’ll also be very useful if you have small children – your baby’s room should stay between 16 and 20 degrees. 

We’ve reviewed electric heaters that also work as fans, and found some stylish models that won’t break the bank. Find the models that Which? recommends to keep your room cool with minimum noise, and if you have a little one, think about getting a baby monitor that will tell you the room temperature too. 

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