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Vintage light bulbs are an Amazon 2016 bestseller

Are energy saving LED filaments a better option?

vintage lightbulbs

Vintage light bulbs are popular on Amazon so far in 2016

Vintage light bulbs are one of Amazon’s bestselling products so far this year, according to a recent report from the online retailer on buying trends. These incandescent light bulbs add a retro look to your home but will also add to your energy bills.

LED light bulbs are much more energy efficient. They use up to 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs so switching to an LED from an incandescent could save you £180 in energy costs over the lifetime of the bulb.

If you like the filament style of a traditional incandescent light bulb but want to limit your energy bills, it’s worth considering LED filament light bulbs instead. These are designed to look like vintage bulbs and are more decorative than standard LEDs.

To find a great filament LED check out our Best Buy light bulbs.

Should I buy LED bulbs?

LED bulbs used to be much pricier than other light bulbs but competition and technological developments over the last few years mean you can now easily pick one up for under £10, and many cost around £5. Filament LEDs cost a little more, typically around £10.

While they still cost a little more upfront than incandescent, halogen or CFL bulbs, LEDs cost significantly less to power. A single bulb should last for decades so you should save in the long run. LEDs which produce the equivalent brightness of a 40 Watt incandescent use around 6 Watts. That is almost seven times cheaper to run.

Many LEDs can produce the same traditional warm light (2700 kelvins) as a standard incandescent. One weakness of LEDs, relative to incandescent bulbs, is that they do not represent different colours as accurately. 

Read our five tips for choosing the right light bulb to learn more about the different types of bulb and which is best for you.

What else is popular on Amazon?

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