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Brexit: is your supermarket shop getting pricier?

Price of popular groceries rises for second month

Supermarket till roll Supermarket price rises following Brexit

The cost of some foods rose by up to 10% at supermarkets in July, amidst fears that Brexit could send living costs rocketing.

The price of a basket of popular supermarket products rose for the second month in a row, by 1% overall in July. This is the first time prices have risen for two months together since November 2015.

Products which saw the biggest price rises are pasta, with prices up by 10%, onions (9%) and fresh peppers and pasta sauce (both 6%).

The basket of 35 products is designed by independent shopping website MySupermarket to take the temperature of the grocery market.

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Is your supermarket shop more expensive?

Prices of some groceries are rising. However, the full basket of MySupermarket products – costing £83.44 in July 2016 – is still 2.5% or £2.15 cheaper than a year ago.

Some foods have fallen in price in the last month such as bananas (down 7%) and carrots and frozen pizza (both down 3%).

Some food prices have also fallen in the longer-term. Broccoli prices fell by 22% between July 2015 and 2016, and cucumber by 11%.

Which? view on food prices

Industry experts are concerned that uncertainty in the groceries market is at the heart of these price fluctuations.

Which? senior retail researcher Matt Clear said: ‘Most experts expect that food prices will go up in the short term, although by how much depends on many factors. Prices of imported food are likely to go up due to the pound’s current drop in value following the referendum result; some 40% of our food is imported.’

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