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Don’t pay full price for Duracell and Energizer batteries

Which? tips to save money on rechargeable batteries

Duracell and Energizer rechargeable batteries

Which? research reveals how to save money on Duracell and Energizer rechargeable batteries

Energizer AA rechargeable batteries are available on offer for more days than they aren’t across major supermarkets, according to our research.

We found one of its products on offer for nearly 40 weeks at at least one major supermarket over the last year so we think you shouldn’t ever need to pay full price for branded batteries.

Duracell and Energizer AA rechargeable batteries can cost up to £14 for four, but we’ve found you can save up to £5 so it’s worth waiting for a deal.

There’s no point saving money on a bad battery. Find out which rechargeable batteries triumphed in our tests, which included Duracell, Energizer, Panasonic and more, by heading to Best Buy rechargeable batteries.

Energizer and Duracell deals

Buying batteries can be a pricey business, especially if they’re rechargeable. Pick a four-pack and a charger from a big brand and you could easily be paying £40 – so it pays to look for special offers.

We found Energizer Recharge Extreme AA batteries were on offer in at least one supermarket for 278 days last year. Energizer Recharge Power Plus AAs were on offer for 190 days.

But you’ll have to be eagle-eyed to spot Duracell Recharge Ultra AA (2500mAh) batteries deals: they were on offer for just 100 days across major supermarkets.

Asda and Sainsbury’s were most likely to have Duracell or Energizer batteries on offer (Morrisons and Waitrose didn’t sell Energizer rechargeable batteries).

Save money on rechargeable batteries

If you spot an offer on branded batteries, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting a good deal. To help you save money, we tracked the prices of Duracell and Energizer rechargeable batteries in four-packs for a year (Apr 15-Apr16) across five major supermarkets using price comparison website mysupermarket.com, to see what prices constituted a genuinely good deal.

The table below shows the highest price at which we saw each battery sold, the lowest price (excluding multi buys), plus the price we recommend you look out for to ensure you’re not paying over the odds, based on our analysis of pricing data over the last year.

Rechargeable batteries prices to look out for
  Highest price (for four) Lowest price (for four) Price to look out for
Duracell Rechargeable AA £15 £8.66 £10 or less
Energizer Recharge Extreme AA £13 £8.65 £9 or less
Energizer Recharge Power Plus AA £12.49 £7.32 £8 or less


You’re more likely to find Energizer batteries cheaper than Duracell batteries, according to our research.

Before you buy, make sure you’re getting a battery that will power your devices for longer, and not a dud that fizzles out sooner than you’d expect. Our guide to the best AA rechargeable batteries page reveals the products that won’t let you down, as well as telling you in which supermarket you’re most likely to find low prices on branded batteries.

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