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Dyson hair dryer review: is it any good?

Dyson Supersonic goes up against cheap hair dryers

dyson hairdryer

Dyson says the airflow of its Supersonic hair dryer is fast and focused

We sent the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer for review to our Which? lab to find out whether it’s really worth investing in. Or whether one of the just-reviewed hair dryers from Babyliss, Braun or Remington is a better choice.

The Dyson Supersonic comes packed with features and claims to justify its £300 price tag. Dyson says its motor is super speedy, the airflow is fast and focused, and it helps prevent extreme heat damage to hair.

Our latest tests have revealed both the best and worst hair dryers we’ve seen – the highest-scoring model earns 79%, while another picks up a paltry 45%. But how does the Dyson score in our review?

We often find that the premium hair dryers aren’t particularly good at the basics. To check that you won’t be forking out for a dud with the Dyson Supersonic, head to our hair dryer reviews.

Dyson or Remington hair dryer?

Remington and dyson hairdryers

The Remington hair dryer (left) is £266 cheaper than the Dyson Supersonic (right)

The Remington Pro-Air Turbo D5220 (£34) is around just 11% of the price of Dyson Supersonic.

You have three heat and two speed settings to choose from on the Remington, and a cool shot button. The Dyson has three airflow and three heat settings – plus a ‘no heat’ option alongside the cool shot.

Dyson’s hair dryer also has a technology called ‘intelligent heat control’, which aims to help prevent extreme heat damage to hair. It does this by measuring the temperature 20 times a second, and adjusting the heating element.

Both have ionic technology, which manufacturers claim protects hair, reduces frizz, improves shine and banishes static. In previous tests we’ve found that using an ionic setting can reduce microscopic signs of hair damage caused by drying at high temperatures and speeds.

But which hair dryer is better? Head to our Remington hair dryer reviews and our Dyson hair dryer reviews to find out how they compare.

What makes a Best Buy hair dryer?

drying hair with a hair dryer

Best Buy hair dryers are easy to use, comfortable to hold and quick to dry your hair

The best hair dryer in our latest round blew us away with speedy drying on its highest heat and speed settings. It also has a really effective cool shot, rapidly dropping the temperature to help you set your style.

Our user panel also complimented how easy it is to use, plus it’s among the very quietest hair dryers we’ve tested.

Lab test and user trial results are combined for each hair dryer to give a total test score. A hair dryer needs to earn 72% for our Best Buy recommendation.

The worst we’ve just tested is sluggish at drying hair, and our user panel found it too heavy and bulky.

Read the reviews of our top scorers in our Best Buy hair dryers.

Latest hair dryer reviews

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Prices correct as of 15 August 2016.

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