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New Best Buy fridge freezer great for your food

Beko, Bosch and Samsung fridge freezer reviews

fridge freezer

A Best Buy fridge fridge freezer should keep your food cool and fresh for longer

Our latest fridge freezer reviews cover models from brands such as Beko, Bosch, Hoover, Siemens, Samsung and Zanussi. Our tough tests reveal that plenty struggle to keep your food cool and fresh for longer – but one is so good at this core job we’ve made it a Best Buy.

We’ve just tested a cheap, frost-free Zanussi fridge freezer you can buy for £302 and a feature-packed stainless-steel Siemens model costing £858 – as well as models at a range of price points in between.

Also on the list is a temptingly priced Samsung American fridge freezer. And if you want more space for storing fresh and frozen food but don’t have much room, the multi-door Hoover HMN7182WUK has more room than a conventional fridge freezer but takes up less floor space than an American model.

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Cheap fridge freezer reviews

You can pick up a fridge freezer for less than £200, but we rarely find models this cheap can cope with the essential task of cooling fast and keeping a stable temperature around the clock – which is what you need to ensure your food stays as fresh and nutrient-rich as possible.

So we’ve tested several frost-free models that cost less than £500 to try and find great-value coolers that will keep your food in tip top condition without costing a fortune. Among these are the compact Zanussi ZRB23055FW (£302); the Beko CXFG1685DW (£330) which has a water dispenser you fill from the tap; and the Blomberg KGM9681 (£400) which has an extra-large freezer.

Whatever your budget, you can find the best model at a price that works for you by comparing our fridge freezer reviews.

American fridge freezer reviews

If you’re looking for a larger affair without breaking the bank, the black Samsung RS7567BHCBC American fridge freezer offers plenty of storage space and costs just £779. It has a plumbed-in water dispenser which you connect to mains water for an unlimited supply of chilled water and crushed or cubed ice, two vegetable drawers, and independent fridge and freezer cooling to help keep your chilled groceries fresher. It’s also available in a stainless steel finish (RS7567BHCBC) for £799.

To see how this model compares to others Samsung American models, head to our Samsung fridge freezer reviews

A compact alternative to a bulky American model is a multi-door fridge freezer – like the Hoover HMN7182WUK we’ve just tested. Storage-wise, these are a kind of half-way house between conventional and American models. They typically have two fridge doors, large freezer drawers which pull straight out (so there’s no freezer door) and they offer more space for groceries than a standard fridge freezer, while taking up less floorspace than an American one.

For more tips and expert advice on choosing the best American model for your kitchen and budget, read our guide to buying the best American fridge freezer

Best Buy fridge freezers

Whether it’s a pricey American fridge freezer or a budget standard model, to make the grade as a Which? Best Buy a fridge freezer must be able to keep the food inside at a steady temperature – even as your kitchen heats up during hot summer spells or cools down during chilly winter nights.

So we turn our test laboratory up to 32°C and then we plunge it down to a chilly 10°C, measuring the temperature of the items inside to see just how good each model is at keeping its cool. We also see how quickly they can chill and freeze, as the faster food cools, the fresher and more nutrient-rich it will be when you come to eat it.

We then check how much energy a fridge freezer uses, to help you keep your energy bills down, and we get hands-on with all of the storage features to see whether it’s easy or annoying to use.

For the full low-down on how we find the models that are the best – and the worst – for your food and for you, find out more about how we test fridge freezers

Fridge freezer reviews

The full list of the fridge freezers we’ve just tested is below – you can follow the links to go straight to the review of each model.

Prices correct August 2016.

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