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Uppababy Vista goes the distance in Which? tests

Pushchair improves design after durability issue

Uppababy Vista 2015 Ella with carrycot

The updated version of the Uppababy Vista 2015 now passes our durability tests

We’ve just posted an updated review of the Uppababy Vista 2015. 

Every single pushchair we review goes through a plethora of safety and durability tests that ensure your baby is safe in their buggy.

Unfortunately when we first tested the Vista 2015 it failed the durability tests, which include a relentless ride on more than 200 km of bumpy treadmill. A bolt holding the chassis together wasn’t up to the challenge and sheared in two. This left us with no option but to limit the total test score as essentially the pushchair was unusable and a consumer would have to return it to the retailer or manufacturer for repair.

But thanks to a great response from Uppababy following our review, the problem has now been resolved and we’ve reviewed the updated version of the Uppababy Vista 2015 pushchair.

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Uppababy Vista pushchair

The Uppababy Vista is a very popular pushchair, which is unsurprising given its versatility. The updated version brought out in 2015 had some carefully considered improvements, including making the Vista a convertible full double pushchair that can take two full-size carrycots. 

Uppababy also improved the second seat (also known as the Rumble seat) by making this into a seat with a proper recline which can be used parent or world-facing.

When we raised the bolt issue with Uppababy, the company was quick to respond, despite not having found any problems in its own tests. Uppababy first thought the problem could be with the large maximum weight limit they allowed in the shopping basket (13.5kg) and so amended their instruction manual to a weight limit of 5kg.

Unfortunately when we tested the Vista again in double mode we found the same problem, even with a lesser shopping bag weight limit. 

So Uppababy went to work altering the problem component and introducing it to all new stock. 

We are happy to say that the new Vista has now passed the durability tests without issues. All Vistas now on sale have the new, improved bolt as has been the case since the end of 2015.

If you experience a problem with an older model you can contact Uppababy Customer Care on 0845 618 5954 or via the contact form on their website. Uppbaby would like to reassure customers with an older Vista that they have never seen this problem in their service centres.

We are pleased that Uppababy worked with us so readily to resolve the problem. 

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Which? pushchair testing

Which? reviews are the only ones which combine crucial safety and durability tests with expert ergonomic assessments on how comfortable your baby will be, as well as parent and user trials which take the pushchairs on obstacle courses, make assessments on how public transport friendly they are and load them in and out of car boots. All the while unpicking all the little niggles and annoyances which can drive you mad when you use your pushchair every day. 

Our pushchair testing really is unique.  Visit our pushchairs reviews to see the length and breadth of our testing.

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