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Which? tries out Karcher’s Full Control pressure washers

Do Karcher's innovations make power washing easier?

Karcher Full Control pressure washers The Karcher K4, Premium K4 and K5 Full Control pressure washers

Karcher launched its new Full Control range of premium pressure washers earlier this year, so we’ve tried some of them out at home to bring you our first impressions. 

These high-powered pressure washers each come with a unique trigger gun and set of lances. They’re designed to make it easier to use the correct spray strength for the surface you are cleaning, so you don’t damage it. LED lights in the handle highlight the spray pressure you’ve selected.

While the technology and claims behind the Full Control pressure washers sound promising, they’re not cheap. Prices on the Karcher website start at £220 for the Karcher K4 Full Control, which makes them a sizable investment. So are they worth it?

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Karcher Full Control features

Karcher says it conducted extensive market research before designing the new models. Customers told the firm that they wanted pressure washers to be easier to assemble out of the box, and for it to be clearer what lances and pressure to use for different tasks.

Karcher’s response was to create the Full Control range of premium pressure washers, which claim to be ‘able to help you find the right pressure setting, ensuring an optimal clean.’ Each of the Full Control models have powerful water-cooled motors which are designed to be more durable than standard motors and more suitable for large cleaning jobs that take a long time to complete.

Karcher Full control lances and trigger gunKarcher’s Full Control lances and trigger gun

To get going with one of the new models, you need to:

  • select the correct spray lance based on the surface you want to clean using the symbols on the spray lances
  • twist the variable spray ‘Vario lance’ to find the correct pressure setting, using the LED display on the trigger gun as a guide
  • the Dirt Blaster spray lance automatically uses the hardest pressure

Visit our Karcher pressure washers guide to discover if Karcher is a reliable pressure washer brand.

Other Karcher ‘Full Control’ features

  • Vario (variable) and Dirt Blaster (rotary) lances.
  • On-board storage for lances, hose and power cable.
  • Telescopic aluminium handle and a lower carry handle on the body.
  • ‘Plug and clean’ detergent bottles that plug into the pressure washer’s body.
  • The Full Control Home models include a patio cleaner and stone-cleaning detergent.
  • Premium models have a longer five-year warranty and hose storage reel.

First impressions of the Karcher ‘Full Control’ range

We’ve taken a first look at four of the Karcher ‘Full Control’ pressure washers, using them to clean a concrete driveway and wooden decking. We’ve also compared them to the most basic model of the Karcher K4 range, the Karcher K4 Compact.

All of these pressure washers seemed powerful, but there are some drawbacks to each model that meant that they aren’t entirely simple to use. Read the full story in our reviews, listed below.

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