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Which? tries out new Aldi hedge trimmer

Corded electric hedge trimmer first look


The Aldi corded electric hedge trimmer has a 620W motor and 51cm cutting bar

Which? brings you its first impressions of the new £30 Aldi corded electric hedge trimmer released on 25 August 2016. This is the cheapest hedge trimmer we have tested so we were wanted to find out if it’s a genuine bargain or whether it’s better to spend a bit more for a good hedge trimmer.

Discount supermarket Aldi occasionally has it’s own-brand home and garden gadgets available for short periods. 

But can a corded electric hedge trimmer costing only £30 compete with some of our Best Buy hedge trimmers?

To find out we tried it out on three different hedges at our Capel Manor trial gardens to see how it managed with tricky problems such as thicker branches and dense growth. 

Aldi corded electric hedge trimmer

This corded electric hedge trimmer has an 620W electric motor, a similar size to many of our Best Buy hedge trimmers. It also has a 10m-long cord so you can cut further without having to use an extension cord. The cutting bar is 51cm long, so it’s best for cutting smaller hedges. If you have a lot of tall hedges you will need a longer, 70cm bar. 

It seemed sturdily built when we tried it, but often electric hedge trimmers can be surprisingly heavy. Will you need big muscles to cut your hedges with this model or is it light and easy to use? 

Visit our Aldi electric hedge trimmer first look review to find out. 

Low-cost hedge trimmers

Low-cost electric hedge trimmers haven’t always won high scores in our tests, as they often lack the power to cut through thicker branches and areas of dense growth. However, we have recently seen a hedge trimmer for £40 that scored well in our tests. 

Find out which low-cost hedge trimmers have scored well by looking at our hedge trimmer reviews

Discount supermarket first look reviews

Aldi is not the only discount supermarket to sell garden tools. Lidl also has its own range of tools which it sells for a few weeks every year. Which? does not normally test these supermarkets’ blink-and-you’ll-miss-them products because they aren’t available when we test garden tools in a head-to-head batch test. 

But this year our gardening experts have managed to get their hands on several of Lidl’s products before they went on sale, including two hedge trimmers. Find out more with our first look reviews of the:

Aldi sell many of their special buys online, including this hedge trimmer. Go to the Aldi website, www.aldi.co.uk, for more details. 

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