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Baby monitor Don’t Buy revealed by Which? review

And read three new Best Buy baby monitors reviews

Person looking over a girl asleep in cot

Choose a baby monitor you have confidence in when your child is sleeping

One baby monitor has been awarded our Don’t Buy rating after it struggled to delivery a good quality picture or clear sound.

Parents tell us a baby monitor is one of the most useful things a new parent can have and a decent baby monitor will be a reliable extra pair of eyes or ears, so you can easily tell if your baby is sleeping peacefully or is in need of attention. 

However, in our latest testing, one monitor failed to deliver a decent picture or a clear sound. It scored so poorly overall we’ve rated it as a Don’t Buy baby monitor. We think you’d be better off with one of the three new Best Buy baby monitors we discovered.

Discover which baby monitor failed to impress, and those that did, in our baby monitor reviews.

Our latest tests include Angelcare baby monitors, BT baby monitors and Motorola baby monitors, as well wi-fi models from D-Link, Miniland and Withings 

Best and worst baby monitors

There’s no point buying a baby monitor that you can’t use, whether that’s because the battery won’t last, the signal drops out or the picture and sound quality is so poor it’s hard to tell the difference between your baby and his or her favourite teddy bear. 

That’s why a Best Buy baby monitor needs to be impressive in all of these areas, so you can rely on it to help you out when you need it.

A baby monitor that’s rated poorly can have an image that’s blurry and lacks detail, or overexposed; the sound could be fuzzy or clouded with background noise, or distorted at high or low volumes. Monitor that are too tricky to set up, or fail our durability testing will lose points too. As will those deemed to be poorly constructed or of poor quality. 

Best Buy baby monitors

The good news is that three new Best Buy-recommended baby monitors also emerged from our latest round of testing. The best product we tested scored 53 percentage points higher than the lowest rated baby monitor.

These brilliant baby monitors are quick and easy to set up, have batteries that will last until you head to bed, and a decent sound quality and images, so you can easily keep an eye on your little one as they sleep. 

We even have Best Buys from less than £30.

Best Buy baby monitors won’t let you down when you need them most. Our independent tests catch out those that don’t live up to expectations. 

Baby monitor reviews

Our latest testing reveals the best and worst baby monitors

Our baby monitor reviews are different

Every baby monitor we test is sent to an expert lab that specialises in audio and visual assessments (with experts who scrutinise the sound and pictures for each baby monitor) and are put through a range of tests to assess safety and durability of each model. 

We find the best baby monitors by testing signal strength, battery life, sound/picture quality, set-up speed, security and any added extras. 

For any baby monitors that can use wi-fi and connect via an app or a PC, we send them to a separate lab to also look at how secure they are, the privacy settings and encryption of your data. 

How we test baby monitorsfind out the lengths we go to. 

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