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Samsung recalls exploding Galaxy Note 7 phone

New mobile pulled from shelves over battery issue

Samsung has today announced that it is temporarily suspending sales of its latest flagship Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone, after reports from consumers that models had caught fire and exploded.

In a statement issued this morning, Samsung acknowledged that there had been 35 reported cases of technical issues with the Galaxy Note 7, some of which have been shown on social media by owners with burnt out models, purportedly caused by explosions.

The issue, according to Samsung, has been traced back to a faulty battery cell in the Galaxy Note 7. The company has offered to recall and replace handsets for any owners who get in touch.

Is my Samsung Galaxy phone affected?

The Galaxy Note 7 has not yet been launched in the UK, so British consumers should be untouched by the recall. However, with the release of the phone to UK shelves imminent, there’s a chance that we could see a delay in it arrival in light of this recent news.

However, if you do own the model, perhaps if you imported one or purchased it while abroad, Samsung has agreed to replace all handsets with a new one. Affected customers should contact Samsung customer services on 0330 726 7864. 

While there are several Galaxy Note phones available in the UK already, it is only the Galaxy Note 7 that is affected by this recall. Owners of models such as the Galaxy Note 3 or Galaxy Note 4 should not be alarmed.

What happens during a recall?

Recalls usually occur when a product potentially poses a safety threat, and although safety standards are stringently abided to by most most manufacturers, issues can sometimes slip through. 

Recently, we’ve seen high profile cases in the home appliance market, notably with tumble dryers posing fire risks. There have also been issues in the tech world too, such as Microsoft’s recall of its Surface Pro tablet chargers.

If you own a product that has been recalled, it is imperative that you stop using it immediately, and contact the manufacturer to arrange a replacement or refund. Read more about your rights in our handy Consumer Rights Recall Guide.

What is a ‘phablet’?

The Galaxy Note 7, with its large 5.7-inch screen, may be considered by some as a ‘phablet’ – a combinaton of phone and tablet. The larger screen makes such models more appealing to people who want to do web-browsing and video-watching on their phone, but don’t necessarily want a full-size tablet.

Phablets usually bridge the gap between both phone and tablet, some even coming with a dedicated stylus, as the Note 7 does.

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