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Top five cheapest energy deals in September 2016

Switch away from standard energy tariffs to save

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Are you on a standard tariff with one of the biggest energy suppliers – and paying too much?

Switching energy supplier is on the up so far this year, with a million more people than in 2015 changing their gas or electricity supplier. If you aren’t among them, find out how much you could save this month if you’re on a standard energy tariff with one of the big suppliers.

Despite higher levels of switching, two thirds of energy customers in the UK are still on expensive standard tariffs, energy regulator Ofgem also revealed. Our research shows you could save up to £307 by switching from one of these tariffs to the cheapest deal on the market this month.

The cheapest energy deals are usually fixed deals which guarantee you a price for your gas or electricity for a certain period (often a year) and may charge you a fee if you want to end the deal early. But the two cheapest deals this month don’t charge an exit fee – so you can switch again if you spot a better deal.

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Top five cheapest energy deals

These are the top five cheapest dual fuel energy deals in September 2016 which are available to customers in all regions. Click the links to find out more about each energy supplier.

If you’re on The Co-Op’s standard tariff, now is a good time to look around for a new deal – it announced a 3% average price rise from 1 October.

Top five cheapest energy deals for September 2016
Supplier Tariff Annual price Tariff type Exit fee
Avro Energy Simple and Select – Paperless £770 Fixed No exit fee
GB Energy Supply Fixed 12 Crystal – Paper and Paperless £780 Fixed No exit fee
So Energy So Flamingo – Paperless £782 Fixed £10 (£5 per fuel)
SSE SSE 1 Year Fixed v8 (paperless billing) – Paperless £782 Fixed £60 (£30 per fuel)
Affect Energy Fixed Saver August 2017 – Paperless £784 Fixed £50 (£25 per fuel)
How these prices are calculated: Prices are based on a dual fuel tariff for an average user (using 3,100 kWh of electricity and 12,500 kWh of gas per year), paying by direct debit and are averaged across all regions. Exact prices can vary according to region, usage and payment method. The prices given in the table above are correct as of 13 September 2016.

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This month’s cheapest deals are mainly from smaller suppliers – but there’s also one from SSE. Switching from one of the big six suppliers’ standard variable tariffs to one of these cheaper tariffs could save you up to £307, according to our research.

Our calculations are based on dual fuel tariffs with paperless billing, paying by direct debit. So if you currently receive paper bills or pay for your energy when you receive a bill, you might be able to save even more.

1. Npower – save £308 by switching
If you’re on Npower’s standard tariff, it costs £1,077 per year. Switch to this month’s cheapest deal and you could save £308.

2. Scottish Power – £300 more expensive
Scottish Power’s standard paperless tariff costs £1,070 per year. That’s £300 more per year than Avro Energy’s Simple and Select Paperless tariff.

3. EDF – £300 more expensive
EDF’s standard tariff costs £1,069 per year. That’s £300 more than the cheapest deal available across the UK this month.

4. SSE – save £286 by switching
If you’re on SSE’s standard tariff, the typical cost is £1,056 per year, which is £286 pricier than the cheapest dual fuel tariff.

5. Eon – £277 more expensive
On Eon’s standard tariff? Then you could save yourself £277 by switching to this month’s cheapest tariff, as it typically costs £1,047 per year.

6. British Gas – save £274 by switching
Though its standard tariff is currently the cheapest of the six biggest suppliers, it’s still £1,044 per year and £274 more expensive than the cheapest tariff we found.

All the prices above are supplied by Energylinx, and are based on the details of a dual fuel medium user (3,100kWh electricity and 12,500kWh gas per year) paying by monthly direct debit and choosing paperless billing. Prices are averaged across UK regions and correct as of 13 September 2016.

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