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Find out if your energy bills will rise by £124

15 energy tariffs are ending in October 2016

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Check whether your fixed energy deal is one of the 15 ending in October 2016.

Fifteen fixed energy deals are set to end this month. If you’re on one of them and you don’t switch deal or supplier, your bills will go up by £124 on average. So check if your energy deal is coming to an end to keep your energy costs down.

Energy deals coming to an end from Co-Op and First Utility in October are more than £200 cheaper than the suppliers’ standard deals – so this is how much your bills could increase by if you take no action. Use our research below to find out if your energy tariff is ending and which supplier will save you the most money.

With colder, darker evenings ahead, it’s likely you’ll start to see your energy bills go up as you use more gas and electricity. Energy regulator Ofgem has warned that wholesale prices for winter 2016 were around 20% higher in September compared with the start of the year – this is the first sign that suppliers might start to put up their prices.

GB Energy has already done so. Customers on its standard variable tariff will have seen their bills go up by 30% on average from 13 October. If you’re on GB Energy’s fixed deal, prices won’t go up until your deal ends. Co-Operative Energy put up its prices (by 3%, or 6% for prepay) at the beginning of the month. Meanwhile, Good Energy pledged not to increase its prices before March 2017.

You can save more than £300 this month by switching energy deal – from a pricey standard tariff to a cheap fixed deal. We’ve listed the current cheapest below so you can see the best at a glance.

Find out how much you could save by switching energy supplier using our independent energy switching site Which? Switch. Or call us on 0800 410 1149 or 01259 220 235.

Fixed energy deals ending in October 2016

EDF, Npower and Scottish Power are among energy suppliers that have fixed deals ending this month. Only EDF’s prepay tariff will leave you better off when it ends, by an average of £39.47. All other deals are cheaper than suppliers’ current standard tariffs.

If you don’t take action when these fixed gas or electricity deals come to an end, you’ll usually be transferred automatically onto your supplier’s standard variable tariff. This is often its most expensive deal.

Even if you’re lucky enough to be with a supplier whose standard tariff is only marginally more expensive than the fixed deal that is ending, such as Flow Energy’s Connect 2 Paperless, you could still save £127 more on your energy bill by opting for the current cheapest deal on the market.

Scroll down to find out which supplier is offering that deal, and check whether your current energy deal is coming to an end this month.

Fixed energy deals ending in October 2016
Supplier Tariff Average price of tariff across the UK Standard tariff Average price increase
Co-operative Energy Fair & Square October 2016 – Paperless £900.69 £1,121.31 £220.62
EDF Energy Blue+Fixed Prepay October 2016 £1,178.34 £1,138.88 -£39.47
First Utility Energylinx Collective Switch October 2016 – Paperless £846.26 £1,070.70 £244.44
First Utility iSave Fixed October 2016 (v28) – Paperless £1,047.32 £1,070.70 £23.39
First Utility iSave Fixed October 2016 – Paperless £887.23 £1,070.70 £183.47
First Utility iSave Fixed October 2016 v2 – Paperless £851.57 £1,070.70 £219.13
First Utility The Big Deal October 2016 – Paperless £846.26 £1,070.70 £224.44
Flow Energy Connect 2 – Paperless £847.83 £871.65 £23.81
Flow Energy Connect 3 – Paperless £835.82 £871.65 £35.82
Npower Fixed Energy Online October 2016 – Paperless £994.48 £1077.25 £82.77
Npower Online Price Fix October 2016 – Paperless £940.12 £1,077.25 £137.13
Sainsbury’s Energy Fixed Price October 2016 – Paper and Paperless £894.81 £1,044.11 £149.30
Sainsbury’s Energy Price Freeze October 2016 – Paper and Paperless £986.38 £1,044.11 £57.73
Sainsbury’s Energy Price Promise October 2016 – Paper and Paperless £919.34 £1,044.11 £124.77
Scottish Power Online Fixed Price Energy October 2016 – Paperless £883.86 £1,080.57 £196.71
Table notes: Prices are based on a dual fuel tariff, averaged across UK regions, for a household with average consumption (using 3,100kWh of electricity and 12,500kWh of gas a year), paying by direct debit. Exact prices can vary according to region, usage and payment method. Prices have been rounded up and are correct at 21 October 2016.

Switch energy supplier and save

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If you’re on a standard variable energy tariff, you can switch supplier at any time and won’t pay a penny. Some fixed energy deals have an exit fee, payable if you want to leave the deal before it expires. But if you’re in the last 49 days of your fixed energy tariff, your energy supplier is not allowed to charge you an exit fee.

You can find out from your bill when your energy tariff is coming to an end. Your supplier should tell you about cheaper tariffs you can choose – but remember it will only list its own tariffs, not the entire market.

You’ll need to compare energy prices to find the best tariff for you. Use figures for the amount of gas and electricity you actually use – if you have them – rather than estimated, to get the most accurate quote.

Cheapest energy deals in October 2016

The top five cheapest dual-fuel gas and electricity tariffs this month are:

  1. IRESA Flex2 12month Fixed Direct Debit – Paperless – £744
  2. IRESA Flex2 12month Fixed Direct Debit – £754
  3. First Utility First Fixed November 2017 v10 Online – Paperless – £770
  4. Avro EnergySimple and Fresh – Paperless – £776
  5. Affect Energy Fixed Saver October 2017 – Paperless – £778

The prices shown above are provided by Energylinx, based on the details of a dual-fuel medium user who uses 13,500kWh gas and 3,100kWh electricity per year, pays by monthly direct debit and chooses paperless billing. Prices are averaged across all UK regions and correct as of 24 October 2016.

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