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Safety warning on Medela breast pumps

Risk of electric shock from detachable power plug

Medela swing breast pumpThe Medela Swing is one of the breast pumps which this safety notice applies to

Breast pump brand Medela has issued a safety notice saying that the detachable power plugs on some of its breast pumps pose an electric shock risk.

The Medela breast pumps with affected plugs include the Medela Swing, the Medela Swing Maxi and the Medela Freestyle. Medela is offering affected customers a free replacement plug.

Medela issued the notice after receiving ‘a few isolated reports’ from customers of the plugs breaking apart and causing an electric shock.

Read on to find out if your breast pump is affected and what action you need to take.

Is your Medela breast pump affected?

Firstly check the product number of your breast pump system to see if it’s one of those which is affected. The affected product numbers are as follows:

Medela Swing affected product numbers: 200.4730, 030.0030, 030.0032, 030.0035, 030.0039, 030.0039 01, 030.0043, 030.0044, 030.0048, 030.0052, 030.0056, 030.0057, 099.0017

Medela Swing Maxi affected product numbers: 200.4726, 040.0005, 040.0007, 040.0010, 040.0014, 040.0015, 040.0016, 040.0019, 040.0024

Medela Freestyle affected product numbers: 042.0009, 042.0011, 042.0013, 042.0013 01, 042.0015, 099.0272, 099.0274

What to do if your Medela breast pump is affected

If your breast pump is affected, Medela recommends removing the detachable plug from the power supply adapter slowly and deliberately, with as little force as possible, to prevent it from breaking apart.

If the plug does break apart, you should turn off the power source before removing the power supply adapter from the wall.

You should then complete Medela’s registration form. Medela says that you will receive a free-of-charge replacement as soon as possible.

In the meantime, you can continue to use your breast pump, but with batteries instead of using the power supply adapter.

Which? breast pump safety advice

Second-hand breast pumps are available, although most mums prefer to buy a new breast pump.

Breast pump manufacturers advise against using a second hand breast pump, with many having instructions that say the product is designed for a ‘single user’ only. You may find that use by more than one person will void the warranty.

If you are thinking of purchasing a breast pump second-hand, it’s worth speaking to your hospital health visitor, local NCT group or breast feeding professional for more advice or information.

For more information on using breast pumps, take a look at our guide to expressing milk.

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