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Which? tries out the new Gtech Falcon cordless mower

Find out if this battery lawn mower is easy to use

Gtech Falcon

Can the Gtech Falcon cordless mower make cutting your grass a pleasure?

The Gtech Falcon is the new cordless lawn mower from this online-only British brand. We got on hands on one to try out. Here are our first impressions.

Battery mowers are becoming more popular, as they appeal to people who are looking for a way to mow their lawn without dealing with a heavy petrol mower or coping with trailing cables from a corded-electric model. In response to growing demand, online-only British company Gtech has launched a new cordless lawn mower, the Falcon. 

We tried the Gtech Falcon to find out if it’s really more convenient and just as quick to mow your lawn as a petrol or corded electric mower.

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Gtech Falcon cordless lawn mower

This lawn mower has a 43cm cutting width and a 36V battery, which is similar to many of the more-powerful cordless lawn mowers that we have reviewed. The cutting width makes it a good size for cutting larger lawns, as you will be able to cut a large amount in one run, but it’s still manageable when mowing close around flower beds and against walls. There’s a foam-padded handle with a switch that runs across the whole width, so you can easily adjust how you grip the handles to suit your wrists. 

The Gtech Falcon was impressively easy to get set up. The handles unfold, and the grass box is already assembled, so it’s a case of charging up the lithium battery and starting to mow. Gtech claims that the battery has enough power to give 40 minutes of run time – enough to mow more than 380m2 of lawn. We tried this lawn mower at our Capel Manor trial grounds, cutting both rough grass and fine lawn. We wanted to see how it coped with some long grass and whether it could cut close to obstacles.

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Battery lawn mower reviews

Most battery-powered lawn mowers have fairly similar designs, but little details can make the difference in how easy they are to use. How the battery slots into the machine and how well the grass box collects the clippings can make the difference between mowing being a pleasure and a real chore. Many lawn mowers are also a similar weight, but they can vary hugely in how manoeuvrable they are, depending on the size and alignment of the wheels. 

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