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Cashback sites can help you boost Isa returns

Which? rounds up eye-catching stocks and shares Isa deals

Quidco and TopCashback are the most popular cashback sites in the UK

Savers could dramatically boost returns on their stocks and shares Isa by taking advantage of deals on cashback sites.

Which? has discovered several deals on websites such as Quidco and TopCashback, allowing savers to claim cashback by investing as little as £30 a month.

Those willing to invest more significant amounts could receive rewards worth more than £200.

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Best Isa deals on cashback sites

Cashback sites pay you a cash reward when you click through from them to buy goods or services.

Hundreds of high street retailers appear on these websites, offering customers the opportunity to earn a percentage of their overall spend as cashback.

However, it’s also worth browsing these sites before opening a stocks and shares Isa or an investment fund, as there are some attractive deals available for certain providers.   

Some of the best deals we found are listed below.

Isas on cashback sites
Product Cashback site Minimum investment Cashback typically paid after Cashback
Shepherds Friendly Stocks and Shares Isa TopCashback £30/month 90-120 days after first premium £84
Fidelity Stocks and Shares Isa TopCashback £5,000 lump sum Four months £105
Forester Life Stocks and Shares Isa TopCashback £80.01/month 30-60 days £105
Nutmeg Stocks and Shares Isa Quidco Initial deposit of £500 plus £100/month, or lump sum of £5,000 30-60 days £115
Shepherds Friendly Stocks and Shares Isa TopCashback £900/month 90-120 days after first premium £210

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Check the terms and conditions

Always read the terms and conditions associated with a cashback deal. All of the deals listed above require you to be a new customer and for your money to be invested for a minimum amount of time.

Remember that you can only have one cash Isa and one stocks and shares Isa active in any given tax year. By taking advantage of any of the deals listed above, you sacrifice the opportunity to pay into another active stocks and shares Isa at the same time. However, there’s nothing stopping you transferring your funds to a better Isa provider after you’ve received the cashback.

Nevertheless, you should still check whether the product is right for you before signing up. Compare the fees tied to the product and the funds that your money will be invested in. After all, when investing in the stock market, your money can go down as well as up.  

It’s possible that the cashback may fail to track properly. All major cashback sites have processes in place to chase missing cashback for customers, but there’s still no guarantee you’ll get your money.   

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Other financial products on websites

We found dozens of credit card deals listed on Quidco and TopCashback, as well as several tempting offers on car insurance and home insurance products.

Nationwide’s FlexDirect current account, which currently tops our bank accounts for customers in credit tables, was also featured on both websites.

However, just as when choosing a stocks and shares Isa, don’t let a cashback offer tempt you away from a better overall deal.

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