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Don’t Buy washing machines of winter 2016

And we've also found one cracking Best Buy

Haier HW120-B1558

The Haier HW120-B1558 has an extra drum

Looking to buy a washing machine this winter? Make sure you avoid the five that we’ve just branded Don’t Buys.

We’ve just reviewed 10 of the most popular new models and were stunned when half of them performed so badly on the key jobs a washing machine should be able to do, such as cleaning clothes and rinsing, as well as being noisy and scoring badly for energy use. 

When we review washing machines, we test them in the same way you use them, answering these questions:

  • Will the washing machine clean my clothes and remove stains? 
  • Does it leave traces of detergent on my laundry? 
  • How well will it spin my clothes to dry them? 
  • Will it use a lot of water and cost a lot to run? 
  • Is using the washing machine and programs easy? 
  • Will it be irritatingly noisy when running? 
  • How reliable will the washing machine be?

To avoid wasting money on a washing machine that leaves your clothes dirty and wet, consult our Don’t Buy washing machine reviews

Best Buy washing machines

The worst of our four new Don’t Buy washing machines earned itself a score of 30% as a result of poor performance in our tests. Our Best Buy washing machines score at least 70%

Thankfully, among all the models that we’ve recently tested we have managed to find one washing machine that scored highly enough we were able to name it a Best Buy. It scored an impressive 77% for quietly and expertly cleaning, rinsing, and spinning both cottons and synthetics.

Read the reviews of our Best Buy washing machines to find a machine that won’t disappoint.

Haier HW120-B1558: two washing machines in one 

Among the washing machines we’ve just reviewed is the unusual and eye-catching Haier HW120-B1558. What’s different about this machine is that it lets you wash two loads of clothes with two drums stacked on top of each other. This is not a machine that’s going to fit under your kitchen counter though, as it measures more than 1.25m high (or about 4.2 feet).

The bottom drum is the larger of the two and holds 8kg, which is average for a washing machine, while the smaller top drum can hold about 4kg of washing. 

You’ll need deep pockets as well as a utility room if you want to buy this washing machine though, as the Haier HW120-B1558 sells for around £1,300.

Find out what we thought of it in our Haier HW120-B1558 review

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Prices correct 4 November 2016.

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