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First Which? Don’t Buy sat nav app uncovered

We unveil the worst sat nav app we've ever tested


The latest Which? tests have revealed a sat nav app that will drive you up the wall

The latest Which? sat nav tests have revealed one sat nav app with such poor guidance that you should steer clear of it altogether.

Our tough sat nav tests put five of the latest sat navs and sat nav apps through their paces, including the latest free navigation apps from HERE for iOS and Android users and the Snooper SC5800 DVR with built-in dash cam.

One sat nav app in the latest batch disappointed us so much during testing that we made it a Don’t Buy. Issues included poor vocal and visual guidance, and niggles with ease of use on a daily basis. It will also gobble up your mobile data allowance, as it uses more than 2GB of mobile data to plan and navigate even a short journey.

Just want to know which are the very best from our tests? Head over to our Best Buy sat navs.

Paid-for vs free sat nav apps

We all like the sound of ‘free’, and no matter what your smartphone platform, there are a plethora of free apps available. However, they are something of a mixed bag in our experience, and it’s best to choose wisely. Some are advert-supported, meaning there might be an ad banner or pop-up ad on the app, and others lack useful features such as traffic data or downloadable maps.

Paid-for sat nav apps aren’t guaranteed to be any good, but those that perform well in our tests often have the features we’d expect to see from a good standalone sat nav – meaning they make a convenient alternative. Despite costing money, they still tend to be cheaper than standalone models.

If you’re not sure whether you want a dedicated sat nav or an app for your phone, use our interactive choosing tool in our how to buy the best sat nav guide.

How we test sat navs and sat nav apps

We put sat navs and sat nav apps through the same tough tests on a GPS simulator, so we can assess how well they will get you from A to B. We rate everything, from the ease of finding the app on any app store, to how much mobile data the app needs to plan and navigate a short journey.

To find out more about our testing, visit how we test sat navs.

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