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Five new innovative smart home gadgets

Smarter everyday devices or unnecessary extras?

With more and more big brands, such as Bosch, Samsung and even Oral B, creating ‘smart’ products, we’ve picked out five of the latest smart gadgets that could make your life simpler. 

A smart product is essentially one that enables you to control it from your smartphone or tablet via an app. Some also allow you to personalise the appliances, and get notifications and status updates.

We’ve looked across a range of everyday appliances and picked out some of the latest smart gadgets on offer. Read on to find out what each is capable of, and whether they’re worth paying extra for.

If you first want to understand more about how smart home gadgets work, visit our guide to smart homes.

Oral-B smart electric toothbrushes

Oral-B’s range of smart electric toothbrushes aim to help improve how well you clean your teeth. They do this by sending information on how you’re brushing, for example the average amount of time you brush or how much pressure you’re applying, straight to the app.

The Genius toothbrushes also use Oral B’s Position Detection technology, which is claimed to help show you where you have and haven’t brushed.

See how these smart brushes compare with Oral B’s regular electric models by reading our electric toothbrush reviews.

Bosch smart built-in oven

Bosch is one of the latest brands to launch a smart built-in oven. The Bosch Home Connect app offers a host of recipes, which you can then choose to set your oven by. The app can also be used to control Bosch’s smart coffee machines, dishwashers, tumble dryers, fridge freezers and washing machines.

But Bosch isn’t the only brand breaking into the world of smart ovens. Hoover, Samsung and Siemens all offer smart models, and AEG will soon be launching one with an in-built camera, allowing you to check whether your lasagne’s burning from your sofa.

We recently tested some of newest ovens around, including the Bosch HRG6769S6B. To find the best oven for your kitchen head to our built-in oven reviews.

Samsung Family Hub fridge freezer

Samsung’s new Family Hub fridge freezer comes with three built-in cameras so you can see from your phone what food you have in, and what’s running low.

It has a built-in touchscreen on the front, which operates as a calendar and notepad, and can display family photos and play music and videos. 

But it has a hefty price tag of nearly £3,000 for a standard fridge freezer and more than £4,000 for the American-style version.

The features sound impressive, but do you need them? We’ve tested hundreds of fridge freezers and found Best Buy American models for around £1,000. Find the best by visiting our fridge freezer reviews.

Netatmo Presence smart security

Is it a car, is it the postman or is it a burglar? The Netatmo Presence smart security camera and light enables you to watch your driveway live from your smartphone, and be notified when something or someone approaches your home. 

The app also offers a number of customisable settings, such as the ability to set Alert Zones or adjust the floodlight sensitivity and intensity.

To discover what smart security products are available to protect your home, and whether they’re worth buying, see our smart security advice guide.

Smart showers to save water

There are a few smart shower heads set to launch in the UK soon, all claiming to help you save water, but in very different ways.

The Hydrao shower head (featured above) and accompanying app enable you to monitor your water use and be warned when you’ve used too much.

The Evadrop claims to help you reduce water use by sensing your location; if you are directly under the shower it will run at full flow, and if you step away the flow reduces.

Nebia claims to use innovative engineering to reduce water droplet size and in turn lower water consumption.  

If you are interested in water-saving shower heads, find out what our experts thought of these eco shower heads.

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