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Is your energy bill £262 too high?

Top five cheapest energy deals for November 2016

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Feeling the chill? Check you’re on the cheapest energy deal.

The cheapest energy deal for November 2016 is from a small supplier. Switch to it from the priciest energy tariff with a big supplier, and you could cut your bills by £262.

Small supplier GnERGY has the cheapest energy tariff at the moment. If you’re on Npower’s standard tariff – currently the priciest standard tariff from one of the big six suppliers – you’re set to save up to £262 per year. 

Even if you’re on the cheapest of the big suppliers’ standard tariffs – British Gas – you’ll still save £229.

Our analysis of energy prices in November found that the latest deals aren’t as cheap as last month. In fact, the cheapest UK-wide deal is £71 more – but it’s still worth shopping around to find the best deal. 

Particularly as small suppliers Flow Energy, Co-operative Energy, GB Energy and Ovo Energy have all raised their prices so far this autumn. So it’s worth looking at cheap fixed deals to keep your energy bills down during winter.

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Save £262 on your energy bills

Most of the cheapest UK-wide energy deals are from small suppliers, which is what we find most months. However, there is one exception.

Npower’s Collective Fix December 2017 is the second-cheapest energy deal and £261 cheaper than its own standard tariff.  But you can only switch to it via Energy Helpline’s Collective Switch.

Top five cheapest energy deals for November 2016
Supplier Tariff Annual price Tariff type Exit fee Saving from priciest big six standard tariff (Npower) Saving from cheapest big six standard tariff (British Gas)
GnERGY Fixed December 2017 v2 – Paperless £815 Fixed £49.98 (£24.99 per fuel) £262 £229
Npower Collective Fix December 2017 – Paperless £817 Fixed £60 (£30 per fuel) £261 £228
Economy Energy Direct Saver 2017 – Paperless £822 Fixed £50 (£25 per fuel) £255 £222
Avro Energy Simple and Glow – Paperless £823 Fixed n/a £254 £221
iSupply Energy iFix 33-Month Aug19 – Paperless £828 Fixed £60 (£30 per fuel) £249 £216
How these prices are calculated: Prices are based on a dual-fuel tariff for an average user (using 3,100kWh of electricity and 12,500kWh of gas per year), paying by direct debit and are averaged across all regions. Exact prices can vary according to region, usage and payment method. The prices given in the table above are correct as of 8 November 2016. Npower’s tariff is available only via Energyhelpline’s Collective Switch.


Do you, or does someone you know, live in north-east England or Yorkshire? Then Future Energy’s Future Connect – Paper and Paperless dual fuel tariff will save you £84 more than the cheapest UK-wide deal. It’s a one-year fixed deal and you’ll be charged £30 per fuel if you leave early.

Robin Hood Energy’s Nottingham v5 – Paperless is £73 cheaper than the lowest UK-wide deal; but it’s only available if you live in the East Midlands. It’s also a fixed tariff but without exit fees.

Fixed energy deals that don’t save you money

This month, we’ve found two of the biggest suppliers are offering some fixed-price energy deals at the same price as their standard tariffs.

As a general rule, your energy supplier’s standard variable tariff (SVT) is its most expensive deal. It’s the one that you’ll be on if you haven’t specifically chosen a fixed tariff, or if your fixed tariff has come to an end.

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  • British Gas has three different fixed deals costing £1,044 – the same as its standard tariff. 
  • SSE is offering a two-year fixed deal for £1,068 – identical to its standard tariff.

With fears that energy prices could rise, opting for these fixed deals could save you money in the long run. But you’ll be better off if you look for a tariff that will start saving you money now. 

Energy companies in the news

Which? Recommended Provider Flow Energy raised the price of its standard variable tariff for the first time on 9 November. The 9% rise means Flow Energy customers will see an extra £77 added to their annual dual fuel bill, bringing the average bill to £949 per year. Flow also withdrew its fixed-price tariff.

GB Energy upped its prices by 30% in mid-October. Ovo Energy put up its pay-monthly fixed prices by 8.7% at the beginning of November. Co-operative Energy raised its prices by 3% on average a month before.

Co-operative Energy will pay £1.8m in compensation to customers let down by its complaints resolution, call handling and billing, the regulator Ofgem announced. The problems were the results of a new IT system in March 2015 – you shared your complaints about Co-op Energy, including long waits on the phone and difficulty giving meter readings online. 

It has already paid out £1.6m, and the rest will go to customers not yet compensated or to energy charity StepChange.  

There are new regional energy suppliers to choose from this autumn. White Rose Energy offers tariffs in north-east England and Yorkshire, costing from £861 per year (Flat Capped V2 paperless). That’s £46 pricier than the cheapest UK-wide deal, but £183 cheaper than the cheapest standard variable tariff from a big six supplier. Together Energy is offering just one tariff (Let’s Get Together Fixed November 2017 – paperless, £876), to customers in parts of Scotland.

(All pricing data is supplied by Energylinx, and based on a dual-fuel medium user [3,100kWh electricity and 12,500kWh gas per year], paying by monthly direct debit and choosing paperless billing. Prices are averaged across UK regions and correct on 9 November 2016.)

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