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Dyson Supersonic vs GHD Air vs Parlux 385

Discover the best premium hair dryer

Dyson SupersonicIs the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer worth its £300 price tag? We tested it to find out.

Thinking of splashing out on a Dyson Supersonic hair dryer for Christmas? Find out how it compares to high-end rivals, the GHD Air and the Parlux 385 Super Light hair dryers.

At £300, the Dyson Supersonic, launched earlier this year, brought a whole different price point to the home hair drying market.

With its sleek Dyson contours, it certainly looks the part, but is it worth paying three times more for the Dyson than the GHD Air (£94) or should you be saving an extra four pounds of your Christmas cash by plumping for the Parlux power light (£90)?

Dyson Supersonic compared

The GHD Air and the Parlux 385 Power Light have a slightly higher wattage than the Dyson Supersonic. The higher the wattage, traditionally the greater the heat the hair dryer will be able to produce and the quicker you’ll be able to get your hair dry

But the Dyson Supersonic, at a little over half a kilo, is a fair bit lighter than both its rivals. If your hair is long, or you’re doing some complicated styling, then you might be holding your hair dryer for a while. Make sure you choose a model that won’t have your arm aching after a couple of minutes.

The GHD Air and the Parlux 385 Power Light have two speed settings, but there’s an extra speed setting on the Dyson Supersonic. And the power cords on the GHD Air and the Parlux 385 Power Light are slightly longer than the Dyson, which could make the difference between seeing exactly how you’re styling or playing a guessing game halfway in front of your mirror.

We’ve put these three hair dryers through some tough tests that involve drying at different speeds, assessing noise levels and seeing how quickly they can drop their drying temperature, which is useful for when you want to set your style.

Find out which dried quickest, which has the fastest cool shot function and which is easiest to use in our Dyson Supersonic review, GHD Air review and Parlux 385 Power Light review.

Dyson Supersonic vs GHD Air vs Parlux 385 Power Light




 Price  £300  £94  £90
 Power (watts)  1600  1800-2100  1800-2150
 Weight  558g  825g  730g
 Length of power cord  259cm  286cm  284cm
 Heat settings  Three  Three  Three
 Speed settings  Three  Two Two
 Ionic drying  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Cool shot  Yes  Yes  Yes

Is the Dyson Supersonic worth it?

Of all the hairdryers we’ve tested, there are currently 11 we’ve rated highly enough to be crowned Which? Best Buy hairdryers.

This means they are quick, comfortable and make hair drying feel effortless.

Dyson says its Supersonic has a small and fast V9 digital motor that sits in the handle, which means it’s light and compact, while maintaining high power.

The Dyson also uses ionic drying technology. Our tests have found that using an ionic setting can reduce microscopic signs of hair damage caused by drying at high temperatures and speeds. Many other hair dryers use this same technology, but the Dyson Supersonic also has what it calls ‘intelligent heat control’ which measures the temperature 20 times a second, to control the heating element. Dyson claims this can further prevent extreme heat damage to the hair.

Our tough tests get behind the manufacturer’s claims to reveal how good a hair dryer really is. Find out how the Dyson Supersonic compares by browsing our hair dryer reviews

Cheap hair dryer Best Buys

The Dyson Supersonic is far and away the most expensive hair dryer we’ve tested, and the GHD Air and the Parlux 385 Power Light are also at the expensive end of the market. If your budget doesn’t stretch that far, there are many other cheaper hair dryers that are worth considering. Check out our list of the top five best cheap hair dryers to bag yourself a bargain.

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