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Could you save money on a stove?

Expert tips to cut your wood-burning stove costs

wood burning stove

21% of stove owners said getting one was more expensive than expected. Use our advice to cut your stove costs.

Buying a stove isn’t cheap. In fact, 21% of stove owners we asked found getting one more expensive than they expected. But there are ways to make savings – read on to find out how.

Stoves can cost between £500 and £2,000, depending on the type. The average installation is around £1,500. Running a stove can also rack up costs if you don’t make savvy choices and use it correctly.

Follow our top tips to help you spend less. 

Check out our comprehensive guide to wood-burning stoves, based on the experiences and advice from experts and hundreds of stove owners.

Pick the right fuel

Different types of stove burn different fuels, and these can vary greatly in price. For example, a multi-fuel stove can burn wood as well as coal, which tends to be a lot more expensive. But it may not burn both efficiently.

Thinking about what type of fuel you’ll be able to get easily and how much it will cost could help you to save. Our expert advice on multi-fuel vs wood-burning stoves will help you to decide.

Get the right stove wattage

Don’t get a stove with a bigger wattage than you need. If you do, it will give out too much heat and you’ll end up opening windows to cool down, therefore wasting heat and money. 

Stove wattage can range between 3kW and more than 15kW. The wattage you choose depends on a number of factors. These include the size of room you’re installing it into and the energy-saving measures you have, such as double glazing or insulation.

Read our guide to buying a wood-burning stove to find out more about how to calculate the wattage you need.

Find out if a stove will cut your energy bills

Before you buy, think carefully about whether getting a stove will save you money on your heating bills – especially if this is why you’re getting one. 60% of people we surveyed said it did save them money, but 25% said it didn’t.

How energy-efficient your home is and what fuel you use will have an impact, so every situation is different. Use our stove costs and savings calculation to work out whether you could save.

Research installation costs

Installing a stove isn’t cheap, but there are a number of factors that can make it even more expensive. For example, if you don’t have a chimney, you’ll need a flue to be built from scratch.

Call in at least three stove installers to get quotes. If having one installed where you’d planned is vastly expensive, consider how this could be worked around, or whether a stove is right for you at all.

Use your stove efficiently

The type of fuel you buy and how you use your stove can affect how efficiently it burns, and therefore how much you spend on fuel. 

For example:

  • Kiln-dried wood produces around 4.5kWh of heat per kg 
  • Damp wood will create around just 1kWh per kg. 

Our dedicated page to using a wood-burning stove will help make sure you’re informed to make the right choices.

(Research: November 2016 survey, 242 stove owners and Which? members who have a stove as well as central heating.)

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