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Retail sector tops customer dissatisfaction chart

Bad service results in quarter of consumers slowing or halting spending

Retail sector tops customer dissatisfaction chart

The retail sector has topped the customer dissatisfaction chart for known complaints according to the Ombudsman Services’ fourth annual Consumer Action Monitor.

With 24% of total complaints, the retail sector came top of the list, followed by the telecommunications (13%) and energy sectors (10%).

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Brand abandonment

According to the multisector survey, more than a quarter of consumers spent less on or chose to abandon a brand altogether as a result of bad service.

The research indicates there were a further 75 million issues that were either ignored or swept under the rug due to people’s apathy and long-term disillusionment with businesses.

An effort to complain

As well as long-term disillusionment, one in three believes that getting a result from a complaint is only possible if a big effort is made, so the outcome will often not be worth it.

Of those who experienced a problem but didn’t complain about it, more than a quarter said the reason was that they simply couldn’t be bothered.

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Lack of consumer trust

A lack of trust in businesses to put things right following a complaint is also one of the key factors discouraging people from reporting their problems.

Significant numbers said they do not believe companies listen to consumers, and ongoing issues in some sectors have left customers feeling as though they have to accept poor service.

Only 10% of customers said they were resigned to poor service from the retail sector.

Rail, telecommunications and energy, where consumers have limited choice in supplier, were the sectors where consumers were most disillusioned.

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