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Samsung launches Galaxy Tab S3 and Galaxy Book

In the absence of a new flagship smartphone, Samsung has announced its new S3 tablet alongside a two-in-one tablet. We lift the fog on the key takeaways

Samsung has announced the details of its soon-to-be-launched Galaxy Tab S3 and Galaxy Book at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017.

The Galaxy Tab S3 is the latest in Samsung’s premium tablet S-range. It has an aluminium frame with rounded corners and a glass back. It’s also really slim and weighs in at just 429g, so it’s likely you’ll find it comfortable to hold.

The Galaxy Book, on the other hand, is a Windows 10 two-in-one tablet that comes with an attachable keyboard. You can pick from 10.6- and 12-inch versions – though size isn’t the only difference between them.

In recent years, Samsung has unveiled a flagship smartphone at MWC. However, it’s been delayed this year – but Samsung has teased 29 March 2017 as the announcement date.

Read on to discover more about these two Samsung models and whether they’re worth investing in.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 – all you need to know

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 has a 9.7-inch Super AMOLED display. You should expect vibrancy from this tablet’s screen, and to be able to watch high-definition videos without noticing any loss in quality.

Samsung claims that the Tab S3 can power through around 12 hours of high-definition video watching. If true, that means you’d be able to watch movies and catch up with your favourite shows on a return train journey to Edinburgh from London and still have some battery left. It’s a claim we’re looking forward to interrogating in our test lab.

It should be pretty speedy, thanks to its Snapdragon 820 processor and 4GB of Ram. However, a tablet’s speed doesn’t exclusively depend on its chip – so it’s worth waiting for our full review before parting with your money.

Its 13Mp rear and front-facing 5Mp cameras seem an improvement on 2015’s Galaxy Tab S2’s 8Mp back and 2.1Mp front snappers. Plus, Samsung has added a flash to its rear camera with 2017’s iteration, and the 5Mp front camera supports full-HD filming.

With many of us watching TV and films on our tablets, Samsung has tried to improve the audio experience on this 2017 tablet. It has four speakers, and the manufacturer says that the S3 redirects sound based on its positioning for enhanced listening.

It seems that you’ll be able to pre-order the S3 from around 17 March, with it arriving in your hands by the end of the month. We don’t know anything about pricing yet – but don’t expect a budget buy.

Samsung Galaxy Book – what you need to know

The Samsung Galaxy Book is available in two sizes – 10.6 inches and 12 inches. You can expect the bigger brother to be faster, too – its i5 processor outstrips the smaller one’s m3 chip.

A similarity between the larger and smaller versions is their full-metal design. If you’re looking for a product that feels like you’ve spent good money on it, the Galaxy Book is worth considering.

You might be excited to see that Microsoft Office programs and Photoshop are pre-installed on the Galaxy Book. A note of caution, though – you’ll have to pay for them if you want to use them.

The Galaxy Book comes with a keyboard that magnetically attaches to the tablet. When we tried this out at the press conference, we were really impressed with how easily it clipped on and off. You’ll also get a keyboard cover in the box if you buy a Galaxy Book, which has been designed to let you prop up the screen at different angles, so you should be able to comfortably use the Book, from whatever angle suits you.

Both sizes are available in LTE-compatible versions. This means you can use the internet on them even when not connected to a wi-fi network.

We’re not yet sure about the price of either version of the Galaxy Book, or the release date. Again, though, don’t expect a cheap buy.

The upgraded S-Pen

Both the Galaxy Tab S3 and Book come with Samsung’s new S-Pen in the box. The new pen has more rounded corners than its predecessors for more comfortable grip.

It has a smaller 0.7mm tip too, which should let you write more legibly or draw with more detail.

You may also like some of the new S-Pen features. For instance, you can tap the screen when it’s off, write a quick note to yourself, and then quickly save the note to the Samsung Notes app. This could be useful if you want to quickly jot down a number or address – or if you need to remind yourself to buy milk.

If you’re looking for a tablet right now, make sure you consult our expert tablet reviews before splashing out.

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