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The iconic Nokia 3310 mobile phone is returning

We explain Nokia's retro relaunch, and what you can expect from the brand's upcoming budget smartphones. Could one of them be your next mobile phone?

Nokia has announced that it’s relaunching its famous Nokia 3310 simple mobile phone, alongside three new budget-friendly smartphones.

First launched in 2000, the Nokia 3310 attracted somewhat of a fanbase thanks to its perceived eternal battery life and indestructibility. And its return inevitably makes us hark back to the pre-smartphone era.

But the mobile phone landscape in 2017 is dominated by smartphones, of course – and Nokia has three new cheap smartphones to tempt budget-conscious shoppers.

Read on to find out more about 2017’s 3310 – and whether Nokia’s upcoming smartphones are worth keeping an eye on.

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Nokia 3310 (2017): what you need to know

The Nokia 3310 is a simple mobile phone with a small 2.4-inch display. It’s designed principally for easy calling and texting on the move, with well-spaced physical buttons – unlike the on-screen keyboard you see on most modern smartphones. You won’t be able to use it for fast internet browsing, as it’s on the 2G network.

The original 3310 had a reputation for exceptional battery life. And if 2017’s version lives up to its claims of 22 hours of talk time, this reputation could well be reborn. Plus, Nokia says it’ll keep its charge for up to a month if left on standby – handy if you’re looking for a phone to keep in your car in the event of an emergency.

You’ll be able to take photos with the 3310’s 2Mp rear camera, but the image quality is unlikely to take your breath away.

It will also be available in four colours. The Warm Red and Yellow models have a gloss finish, while the Dark Blue and Grey ones have a matte finish.

It should be available to buy at some point before the end of June 2017, and it has a €49 price tag so should cost around £40.

There’s also a version that will let you insert two Sim cards, which you may find useful if you like to separate pleasure from business calls.

And to confirm many hopes: yes, you’ll be able to play Snake on this phone. Though, this time round, you’ll be greeted by a colour version.

We’ll be testing the new Nokia 3310 as soon as we can when it’s launched, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it to bring you our definitive verdict. But if you’re looking for a basic mobile phone to buy right now, head to our simple mobile phone reviews to make sure you get the best for your money.

Nokia’s new budget smartphones

Along with its announcement of the 3310’s revival, Nokia revealed its new budget smartphone collection. And, like the 3310, they should also all be available by the end of June 2017.

All come with a pure version of Android Nougat, which means there’s no Nokia ‘skin’ layered on top of the Google-made operating system used by most smartphones.

Plus, they have Google Assistant built-in. This is a voice assistant that will respond to your questions and demands, and you may find it faster to ask for a recipe with your voice than type it into a browser. We like that Google Assistant lets you ask follow-up questions, which maintains a more fluent conversation.

Nokia 6

The Nokia 6 has a large 5.5-inch screen, so you may find it hard to use with just one hand. It’s made from aluminium and is available in four colours – matte black, silver, tempered blue and copper. Plus, it has a 16Mp camera on the back, an 8Mp selfie camera and a fingerprint scanner.

These are really impressive specs for the Nokia 6’s likely £200 price tag. We’re looking forward to finding out whether the Nokia 6 offers a truly premium experience for buyers on a budget.

Nokia 5

Like the 6, the Nokia 5 has a full aluminium body, which should make it feel more expensive than it actually will be. It should cost around £160, firmly placing it among the cheaper smartphones you can buy.

It has a 5.2-inch HD display, which should look pretty clear. Plus it’s NFC-capable, which means you’ll be able to use it for contactless payments via Android Pay.

Nokia 3

The Nokia 3 should set you back by as little as around £120. It has 8Mp cameras on the front and back, a metal frame and a five-inch screen.

Plus you’ll still have connection to the 4G network for speedy internet browsing. It has 16GB of internal storage, though a lot of this will be taken up by the operating system and pre-installed apps. But, if you need more space, the Nokia 3 has a micro-SD card slot that lets you boost storage by up to 128GB.

We’ll be sending the new Nokia smartphones to our lab as soon as possible when they’re launched. But if you’re looking for a top phone to buy on a budget right now, head to our best cheap smartphones.

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