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Which? reviews Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake, Hyundai Ioniq and more

Plus a first drive of the latest Mini Countryman


Possibly not the most practical shape for an estate car

We’ve just reviewed the Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake – the latest Mercedes coupe to get the estate-car treatment. We’ve also been behind the wheel of the Mini Countryman, too. It’s bigger than the standard Mini but is it better?

If those cars are bigger than you need, the Mitsubishi Mirage is one to look at. It’s economical and spacious, according to Mitsubishi, and comes with a five-year warranty.

The Mirage may be economical, but it can’t match the hybrid Ioniq – according to Hyundai at least. The large car is going after the Toyota Prius and it’ll need to make good on those mpg claims to match it.

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Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake

The CLA is the latest Mercedes to receive the ‘Shooting Brake’ treatment. It’s also the smallest of the German brand’s coupes to get the estate styling. The curved roof looks the part, but it raises questions about the car’s usefulness as an estate. It may not be ideal for a car class known for sizeable boots and spacious rear seating. 

When we test cars we check to see the exact capacity of the boot, but we also load it with items you might use yourself, such as luggage and pushchairs. We also check exactly how much headroom there is in the back of the car, so if you’ve got especially tall passengers or you need a sizeable boot you’ll know whether the CLA Shooting Brake will be useful. We expect the design will limit how much you can squeeze into the boot and the back seat. 

You can read our full review to see if the Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake’s striking design was worth it.


Mitsubishi has made bold claims about the Mirage’s fuel efficiency

Mitsubishi Mirage

Making a dent in the small car market isn’t easy, but on paper the Mitsubishi Mirage looks to have what it takes. The 2.1-litre diesel engine gives 65 miles to the gallon according to Mitsubishi – a figure that would put it firmly among the most fuel-efficient small cars.

It’s not quite as stylish as the Fiesta and it’s not going to stand out next to Ford’s popular small car or the new Nissan Micra, which is due out this year. It’s not visible, but the Mirage does have a head start over its rivals in the form of a five-year warranty. 

Will that and the spacious interior be enough to recommend the Mirage and will it be so economical in our own tests? Find out in our full review.

Mini Countryman

Calling the Countryman a Mini is a bit of a misnomer – this compact crossover is the biggest car the BMW-owned brand has ever produced. It’s not a full-size SUV but, while it retains that signature style, it’s significantly bigger than your average Mini and even the Mini Clubman. The Mini design suits the crossover well – unlike the Mini Countryman estate, which looked like a stretched out version of the popular small car. 


Does the Mini style convert well to an SUV in the form of the Mini Countryman?

It’s a premium crossover, which means it’s going up against the BMW X1 and Mercedes GLA. Both brands are better known for premium compact SUVs than Mini, but clearly BMW isn’t worried about cannibalising sales of the X1. 

There’s a range of engines including two diesel, two petrol and, for the first time, a hybrid model, which is coming later in 2017. The claimed 64mpg is already impressive and, if the hybrid can improve on that, the latest Clubman could be easy to recommend for someone who wants the most frugal compact SUV.

It may well be more economical but is the Countryman better to drive and more practical than its premium competition? Watch our first drive video to find out.

Hyundai Ioniq

Hyundai is taking a stab at the Toyota Prius with the Ioniq. It’s got a mountain to climb if it wants to topple Toyota’s mighty hybrid, but pricing it a few thousand pounds cheaper is a good way to get people’s attention.

Being a hybrid doesn’t guarantee a cheap fuel bill. In fact, our tests have found some hybrids to be less fuel efficient than equivalent diesel cars. With 15-inch wheels, Hyundai promises a whopping 83 miles on a full tank. If that’s accurate this would be one of the cheapest cars to run outside of fully electric models.

We do our own fuel-economy tests, so if you want to get the car’s true mpg as well as detailed information on how the car is to drive take a look at the full review.

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