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Nokia 3310 out now, lasts ‘up to a month’ on standby

Take a trip down memory lane with Nokia's revamped simple phone

Nokia 3310 out now, lasts ‘up to a month’ on standby

The new Nokia 3310 goes on sale from today, and according to its makers, the simple phone will last for more than 700 hours on a single charge.

If you’re looking for a small, simple mobile phone to use for basic calls and texts, then the Nokia 3310 could be on your radar.

Keep scrolling for more on Nokia’s retro-inspired mobile, and see which simple phones have impressed in our lab.

Best Buy simple phones – the perfect fit if you want an easy-to-use mobile

Nokia 3310 – the return of a classic

The original 3310 was released back in 2000, proving an instant hit thanks to its impressive battery life and tough build. You could use it to create your own ringtones, and it was the first mass-market phone with an internal antenna. In fact, it’s one of the most successful phones ever seen, with 126 million units sold around the world. From today, you can buy Nokia’s refreshed 2017 model for £50 Sim free. And yes, the classic Snake game comes pre-installed once again.

Nokia’s latest simple phone has a 2.4-inch colour display, a 2Mp camera and 16GB of internal storage, which you can add to using the MicroSD card slot. According to Nokia, the new 3310 will last you ‘up to 744 hours’ on a single charge, although we’ll have to wait for our lab results to see if that’s true or not. The physical buttons below the display have plenty of space between them, which makes them easier to use.

Potentially, this could be a great ’emergency’ phone to keep nearby if your main smartphone runs out of charge. It only works on 2G networks, though, so internet browsing may be slugglish.

Carphone Warehouse is already out of stock for now, but the mobile is still available online through Vodafone.

We’ll find out exactly how well the Nokia 3310 performs when it returns from our test lab. Stay tuned for our full review, or see our first look video below for more details.

What else is Nokia working on?

Even if you’re not interested in a new simple phone, Nokia still has something to offer. The company is also preparing to release three budget-priced smartphones, and they’ll be available to pre-order through the Carphone Warehouse from June.

The upcoming Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 all run on stock Android out of the box (some phone manufacturers load their phones with bespoke/modified versions of the operating system). We had some hands-on time with the range at MWC and were impressed by how ‘clean’ the interface looked, with no bloatware (pre-installed software you don’t need that takes memory and space) in sight. Obviously, the specs of each phone impact the price, but even the flagship Nokia 6 is rumoured to cost less than £250. See our table below for some specs.

The best simple phones for 2017

Fans of the ‘candy bar’ style of the Nokia 3310 also have other simple phones to consider. Most recently, we had our hands on Alba’s Flip Mobile Phone. It has a 2.4-inch display and will cost you less than £40. We’ve also reviewed Doro’s range of easy-to-use handsets, which includes the Doro 6520 (right). This flip-up simple phone has a range of safety features including a dedicated SOS key.

For phone users that don’t need all the premium features that come with a pricey flagship mobile, a simple phone could be a great fit. Many of the high-scoring simple phones we’ve tested come with large, well-spaced number keys and clearly labelled menus. For more on accessible phones, see our guide to the best big button simple mobile phones.

To take a closer look at all of our simple phone reviews, which cover releases from the likes of Doro, Samsung and Nokia, see our simple phone reviews page.

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