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Top 10 popular products on which.co.uk in April 2017

We round up the most-wanted gadgets, appliances and home products

Top 10 popular products on which.co.uk in April 2017

The most sought-after product on Which.co.uk in April was the highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone. It was unveiled to the world at the end of March and our first look review reveals all you need to know about this beautifully-designed, but expensive flagship phone.

Although it’s not as exciting as a top-of-the-range smartphone, two budget pressure washers also featured highly on the list, as well as three double mattresses. But they aren’t the only practical items with the accolade of being one of the most-viewed last month.

A steam iron, fridge freezer and washing machine also made it into the top ten, along with a car, the compact five-seater Volkswagen Golf SV. Read on to learn more about these popular products from, including what our experts loved – and hated – about each one.

1. Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone

There were undoubtedly high expectations for Samsung’s latest smartphone. It has a slick infinity glass display, a new voice assistant called Bixby and upgraded camera specs. But will it be a Best Buy? And can it beat the score of its predecessor, the Galaxy S7?

This pricey mobile phone is currently in our lab undergoing a whole host of tests and the full results will be online next week, but in the meantime read our Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone first look review to find out more.

2. Aldi Workzone 22kw pressure washer

One of the many ‘Special Buys’ available at the global discount supermarket chain Aldi, the Workzone 22kw pressure washer is a high-spec machine for a bargain-basement price. It has a powerful 2200W motor and can create a maximum pressure of 150-bar, which is significantly more than pressure washers of a similar price.

But while on paper it appears ideal for dealing with dirty cars and decking, we did find one or two drawbacks you need to know about. Take a look at our Aldi Workzone 22kw pressure washer review for more information.

3. Volkswagen Golf SV car

Volkswagen have a reputation for making practical cars, and the Golf SV – known as the Golf Sportsvan elsewhere in Europe – is nothing if not pragmatic. This five-seater people carrier has wide-opening doors, big windows and a 60/40 split-rear seat that slides back and forth to create more room in the back of the car or boot.

But for all its practicality, VW are promoting the Golf SV as a sporty multi-purpose vehicle. To see if managed to nail being both sporty and practical, head over to our full VW Golf SV review where we reveal how it handles.

4. Casper mattress

American mattress brand Casper only recently launched in the UK, but its products are already proving popular. Its foam mattress costs £550 and comes delivered straight to your door vacuum-packed in a box. Casper offers a 100-night trial period, during which time you can return the mattress for a full refund if you don’t like it.

But you can save yourself the trouble of trying it out by reading our in-depth Casper mattress review, where we rate its firmness and reveal any potential flaws.

5. Philips Azur Performer GC381020 steam iron

It’s not surprising that an iron that promises to make light work of ironing was one of the most-viewed products on which.co.uk. The Philips Azur Performer GC381020 steam iron has a number of features that should work wonders on crumpled clothing, such as automatic steam adjustment, which changes the level of steam depending on the clothing. But that doesn’t necessarily guarantee it’ll live up to its promises.

When we test irons, we rate how quickly each heats up, measure how much steam they produce and assess how easy they are to use. See our Philips Azur Performer GC381020 steam iron review for a full run-down of how it did.

6. Haier HB14FMAA fridge freezer

The Haier HB14FMAA, which costs £550, has a spacious multi-door fridge and two freezing drawers beneath. It certainly has some impressive features, such as super-cool and fast-freeze settings, which give a blast of cool when your grocery shop is added.

But there are one or two awkward aspects to bear in mind. Find out more, including our top tips for getting the most out of this fridge freezer, but reading our Haier HB14FMAA fridge freezer review.

7. Bosch WAN28280GB washing machine

One of our latest washing machines on test, Bosch’s WAN28280GB has 15 different programs to choose from. It also has a ‘VarioPerfect’ setting, which enables you to reduce the washing time, or increase the energy efficiency of the wash, depending on your priorities.

You can discover what it’s great at, what you need to watch out for and read the Which? should I buy it verdict, by visiting our full Bosch WAN28280GB washing machine review.

8. Ikea Hovag mattress

Ikea’s popular Hovag mattress is less than half the price of the Casper mattress. But does this pocket-sprung mattress feel as cheap as it actually is?

Our review of the Ikea Hovag mattress reveals whether it can compete with Best Buy mattresses that cost five times the price, and what it’s like to actually lie on.

9. Lidl Parkside PHD 150 D3 pressure washer

It’s not just Aldi that offers pressure washers at bargain prices. The Lidl Parkside PHD 150 D3 pressure washer costs the same as the Aldi one. It’s a slightly less powerful machine, but it still comes with a whole host of features, including a rotary car brush, a hose storage reel with a retractable handle and a built-in tank for detergent.

Find out which is a better option and how this pressure washer rates for comfort and effectiveness by taking a look at our Lidl Parkside PHD 150 D3 pressure washer review.

10. Leesa mattress

Similar to the Casper, the Leesa is a memory-foam mattress made by another bed-in-a-box mattress brand recently launched in the UK.

At an equally low price of £590, will this mattress make you regret spending out on it? Our review of the Leesa mattress reveals exactly how firm this mattress is and how much support it offers.

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