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New Nokia Body smart scales offer personalised slimming tips

Withings rebrand also sees Nokia release the BPM+ blood pressure monitor

As Nokia completes its Withings rebranding, the selection of health-focused tech on the market gets even bigger.

Building on the existing range of health products from Withings, Nokia’s wi-fi-equipped smart scales are now on sale, and they’re far more intelligent than your regular bathroom scales. Keep scrolling to find out what they have to offer.

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Weight tracking tailored to you

Since the company acquired Withings, Nokia has rebranded some Withings health products, but has also released new devices of its own.

The new Nokia Body (below) is a wi-fi connected smart scale, and it’s best used with the accompanying Health Mate app that tracks your weight over time. Up to eight users can create their own profile on the scales, and all the data collected is saved to the app so you can check your progress on the move.

When you step on the scales, you’ll see an overview of your last eight weigh-ins. BMI will be calculated too, which is worth knowing if you’re wondering whether to start shedding some pounds. The Nokia Body scales can even give you a weather report if you ask for it, useful if you’re deciding whether or not to exercise outside.

The Nokia Body scales are available for around £60, which makes them cheaper than the older, £90 Body+ scales. Although both sets of scales look similar, the more expensive of the two offers more detailed analysis, generating stats on fat mass and muscle mass.

For more on smart bathroom scales, see our Smart home health and fitness guide.

What else has Nokia been working on?

The company is also selling the BPM+ monitor (right), which lets you measure your blood pressure at home or while travelling. At £110, it doesn’t come cheap, but there are plenty of features tucked inside to help justify the price.

You use the BPM+ alongside Nokia’s Health Mate app, and it will offer personalised feedback based on your numbers. It also lets you share results with your doctor.

Nokia has also treated the Health Mate app to a makeover. The latest version for Android and iOS smartphones is no longer tied to Withings, and it’s now called ‘Nokia Health Mate’. The new design looks far cleaner than before, and it acts as a home for all of the data collected by Nokia’s smart gadgets. You can check your weight and blood pressure, and you can use it to log meals.

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Smart bathroom scales reviews

Unlike normal scales, smart bathroom scales are crammed with technology that can help you track your fitness, and many of them are able to send stats straight to your smartphone.

Although we haven’t tested the Nokia Body, we’ve had our hands (and feet) on the Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer. These £120 scales can monitor your body-fat percentage, heart rate and BMI. Another competitor, the Fitbit Aira Wi-fi scale, will automatically recognise a registered user when they step on, generating your previous weight on the display.

To see which smart bathroom scales we recommend, and to unlock our range of Best Buys, head over to our bathroom scale reviews page. Our smart bathroom scales explained guide also has more details on the types of measurements connected devices can monitor.

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