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Asda withdraws Little Angel Newborn nappies after father says his baby had ‘chemical reaction’

Parents urged to return the nappies to nearest Asda store for a voucher or refund.

Asda withdraws Little Angel Newborn nappies after father says his baby had ‘chemical reaction’

UPDATE – 14/08/2017: Asda’s Little Angels newborn nappies are now back on sale following the nationwide recall. The supermarket retailer had the nappies tested at two independent labs and they passed all safety checks. But if you have any concerns Asda has said they will accept returns and offer refunds to customers who have bought them.

Asda has issued a precautionary withdrawal for its Little Angel Newborn nappies after a father said his three-week-old had a ‘chemical reaction’ to them.

Jordan Bartliff, from South Yorkshire, shared images on Facebook of his newborn son with red, blistered skin across the lower half of his body where the nappy would sit.

According to the Facebook post, Mr Bartliff’s son, who was born five weeks premature, had not experienced any reactions with this nappy brand previously. However, Mr Bartliff said that when he put his son in a nappy from a fresh pack last Saturday, his skin started to appear red and sore within an hour of wearing it.

He explained how his baby was taken to hospital for treatment.

Writing in the post, Mr Bartliff said: ‘I wouldn’t want it happening to any other little soul, so please be vigilant.’

What should you do if you have Asda Little Angels Newborn nappies?

Asda made a nationwide recall to remove the Little Angels Newborn nappies from shelves on Monday afternoon, and the company will be investigating the ones that Mr Bartliff’s son was wearing and all other nappies in that batch.

If you have purchased Asda Little Angels Newborn nappies, you should bring them back to your nearest store. If you have a receipt for them, you will be given a full refund, and if you no longer have the receipt, you’ll receive a voucher to the value of the nappies.

Lizzy Massey, Asda’s vice president of own-brand products, said: ‘Our hearts go out to the Bartliff family and we hope their baby son makes a full recovery soon.

‘We’re in touch with his dad and have collected the nappies so that we can test them along with others in the batch.

‘We take our responsibility to parents seriously and as a precaution we have decided to remove our Little Angels newborn nappies from sale until we know why this happened.’

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