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Kodi box recall due to electric shock risk

Chinese-made OTT TV Box 4K fails to meet European Commission safety standards

Kodi box recall due to electric shock risk

A popular model of Android TV streaming box, colloquially known as a ‘Kodi box’, has failed to meet electrical safety standards as outlined by the European Commission.

The OTT TV Box 4K carries a risk of electric shock because of its ‘poor quality design and construction’, according to Electrical Safety First, Britain’s foremost electrical safety and consumer-awareness charity.

If you own an OTT TV Box 4K, it’s highly recommended that you stop using it immediately, and return it to the manufacturer or retailer you bought it from. Models affected have the AC adaptor number ANU-050250A, which you should be able to find on the power supply.

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Can you get a refund or replacement?

Kodi advice
Information displayed on the Electrical Safety First website

The trouble with a safety recall in this instance is the source of the OTT TV Box 4K. Seeing as the box is manufactured in China, and is not sold through conventional UK high street chains or reputable online retailers, a full refund or safe replacement may be all but impossible to get hold of. If you’re an affected owner, you should certainly try for a refund, but you may have to simply consider this purchase a sunk cost.

One of the reasons the OTT TV Box 4K is so popular is that it’s what’s known as a ‘fully loaded’ Kodi box. This means it comes already set up with all the apps and tools you need to watch live TV and premium on-demand content straight away, using its well-presented and easy-to-use interface. We’ve covered the questionable legal status of these devices before, and now with safety concerns to worry about in addition to legal ones, consumers are taking more and more risks when they buy one.

As always, our advice would be to buy a recommended internet TV box from both a brand and retailer that you can trust. It’s rare for a device from a company such as Amazon or Google to ship with a major electrical fault and, in the event that one does, the path to a refund is clear.

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