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Most popular tech gadgets on which.co.uk in 2017 revealed

We're half way through the year, so what better excuse to take a look at the most popular tech of 2017 so far?

An unassuming laptop has emerged as top of our list of the most popular tech products of 2017 so far, beating the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone.

Of course, just because it’s popular it doesn’t mean it’s any good – you just need to look at what the Transformer films gross to know that’s true. Take a look at what’s whetting our readers’ appetites for tech, then head to the review to see what we thought of each product when we put it through our tough tests.

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1. Asus E200 laptop

It’s easy to see why this laptop is so popular – it costs only £169 – but it’s still a surprise to see it beat the S8 to the top spot (for now). It’s an entry-level machine for sure, and you probably shouldn’t try editing any videos on it. But surely it’s good enough for putting together a Word doc, or doing a little shopping on Amazon?

Is an Intel Atom processor with 2GB Ram good enough to handle what you need from a laptop? And does the battery last long enough to take this dinky machine out and about? Head to our Asus E200 review for our full verdict.

2. Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone

Coming in second is the lovely-looking Samsung Galaxy S8. Unlike the E200, it’s not exactly a bargain – for the £689 asking price you could buy four E200 laptops. Despite the price, you can’t blame anyone for being tempted by the S8 – it’s easy to get lost in the dreamy curves of the infinity display.

It looks good and is state of the art, with the latest Qualcomm processor and a marvelous screen. But a phone needs to do something extra special to be worth just shy of £700. Check out our Samsung Galaxy S8 review to see if it’s worth the money.

3. Nextbase iN-CAR CAM 312GW Deluxe dash cam

It may sound like a bit of a mouthful, but this dash cam takes third place. Once it’s mounted to your windscreen it records the road in front of you as you drive, and the footage can help you with insurance claims and in court if there’s been an accident.

The camera records in Full HD, so your footage should be sharp. You can watch the footage back on the built-in 2.7-inch screen, or you can watch it on your computer using Nextbase software.

Sounds good, but if you’re going to call something ‘deluxe’ it needs to be just that. Head to our expert review of the Nextbase 312GW Deluxe to see if the device can live up to the name.

4. Fitbit Charge 2 fitness tracker

The first of two fitness trackers on the list is the Fitbit Charge 2. It’s a competent step tracker that keeps tabs on how many hours of the day you’re active, and it will remind you with a gentle vibration if you aren’t meeting your goals.

It’s nice and understated, and the touchscreen is clear enough that you don’t need to keep checking the app on your phone to see how close you are to your 10,000 steps.

Accuracy is all important with fitness trackers, and our full Fitbit Charge 2 review reveals how good it is at tracking your steps taken and calories burned.

5. Samsung UE40KU6020 TV

Who needs a massive 60-inch TV? This 40-inch model is the most-viewed TV review of the last six months. It may be small by modern standards, but it’s still got a 4K HDR display, which means you can view the best-looking content around, whether that’s 4K programming from Netflix or Ultra HD Blu-rays.

Most of us aren’t watching 4K content yet, though, so the picture needs to look good if you’re watching Corrie on ITV, and it needs to sound good, too. Thin speakers aren’t usually conducive with good sound – does the UE40KU6020 buck the trend and deliver top-quality HD and SD video? Our Samsung UE40KU6020 review has the answers.

6. Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone

There’s life in the old dog yet. It may have been released 16 months ago, but there’s still appetite for Samsung’s former flagship. With the super-expensive S8 now ruling the roost, the price of the S7 has dropped, which should make the handsome handset even more desirable.

It’s far from a tired old banger, but does this phone deserve the sixth spot on our list of the most popular reviews on which.co.uk, or should all eyes be on the Galaxy S8? Here’s our expert review of the Samsung Galaxy S7.

7. Samsung Galaxy J5 smartphone

You again? We’re starting to see a pattern forming. The J5 is the third Samsung phone on our list, and it’s a bargain compared with the phone occupying the number two spot. You get a lot of phone for £180, including a 5.2-inch HD screen and a 13Mp camera. There’s only 16GB of storage, but you can bulk it out with a micro-SD card.

There’s plenty of competition in the budget handset arena: the Moto G5 Plus, Huawei Honor 5X and Nexus 5X to name a few. Read our Samsung Galaxy J5 review to see if the phone warrants the attention, or if it’s the Samsung name alone that is catching people’s eye.

8. Acer Swift 1 laptop

Another low-cost laptop occupies the number eight spot. At £330, the Swift 1 isn’t quite as cheap as the E200, but if it’s good then it’s still a bargain. Many cheap laptops are too sluggish and frustrating to use, and the old Pentium processor in the Swift 1 gave us cause for concern.

There isn’t a great deal of Ram to bolster it, either – generally we like to see at least 8GB, but you’d need to pay more for it. It has ‘Swift’ in the name, though, so that has to count for something, right?

Did this laptop prove us wrong and perform well despite the less-than-impressive specs? Find out in our Acer Swift 1 review.

9. Garmin Vivofit 3 fitness tracker

Up ninth is another fitness tracker. This one’s from Garmin, which is better known for sat navs than fitness tech. It’s bulkier than the Fitbit, but it’s tracking accuracy that matters most. The Vivofit 3 counts your steps and calories, and can even tell you how well you’re sleeping.

The smartphone displays most of the collected data, but the small screen will tell you basic information, such as how many steps you’ve taken and how many calories you’ve burned in the process.

Is it better at tracking your exercise than the Fitbit? See what we have to say in the Garmin Vivofit 3 review.

10. Samsung UE40KU6000 TV

Yet another Samsung product on that list – that’s a 50% hit rate. It’s another 40-inch TV, and there’s not much to pick between this and the UE40KU6020. Both are 4K and both support HDR content, with built-in wi-fi and PVR for recording on to a USB hard drive. It’s only £429, too, proving that you don’t need to break the bank for the latest features.

Do you need to break the bank for good picture and sound, though? Here’s our review of the Samsung UE40KU6000, so you can see if its image quality can match that of its more expensive cousins.

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