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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is coming – here’s what we know so far

Samsung is set to announce the phone 23 August

It’s fair to say the Galaxy Note 7 had a tumultuous life. It wasn’t long after its release in September 2016 that users reported the phone setting alight and the accompanying images were damning. The clear safety issues led to Samsung recalling the Note 7 on 10 October.

10 months on, Samsung is back to winning ways. The storming success of the Galaxy S8 led to record-breaking profits for the South Korean juggernaut in the first quarter of 2017 – $12 billion if you’re curious.

Now comes Samsung’s biggest challenge, launching a successor to the ill-fated Note 7, and convincing people that it’s reliable and safe.

We’ll be bringing you all the news and rumours about the Note 8 in the lead up to our live blog covering the event on 23 August, so be sure to bookmark this page to keep up to date with Samsung’s latest phone.

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When is it launching?

Samsung sent out an invite to an event on 23 August with a not-so-subtle reference to a large screen phone with a stylus which left us in no doubt as to what phone we’d be seeing.

The timeline fits with the Note 7’s release too. If Samsung intends to keep to the same schedule then the Note 8 should hit stores in September, making an August reveal even more likely.

What do we know about the phone so far?

All signs point to the Samsung’s new phablet being one of its biggest yet. 6.3-inches is the rumoured size, which would make the Note 8’s screen more than half an inch bigger than the Note 7 with its 5.7-inch screen.

It sounds like a handful, but leaked images of the Note 8 show that Samsung might be working the same bezel magic that it did on the Galaxy S8. Despite being unusually tall, the S8 doesn’t feel too difficult to manage because the bezels are practically nonexistent. Samsung’s flagship is actually slightly bigger than the Note 7, but the shape and design mean it’s easier to operate one-handed.

What about specs?

Samsung leaked what could be the Note 8 on Twitter, when advertising its Exynos processor. Credit: @SamsungExynos

The narrow bezel ‘Infinity Display’ isn’t the only feature that the Note 8 will borrow from the S8. Bixby, Samsung’s not yet released in the UK, smart assistant will be on the Note 8… eventually. Bixby has only just arrived on US S8s and there’s still no word on when UK users will be able to chat with it. It’s possible that the Note 8’s release date will coincide with the release of Bixby in the UK.

Like the S8, the Note 8 will have a dedicated Bixby button on the side of the device.

The Note 8’s internal specs will be similar, too. It will use the latest Snapdragon 835 processor, but is getting more Ram. It’s rumoured to have a whopping 6GB of Ram, two GB more than the S8 and Note 7.

Leaked images show that the Note 8 will still have a stylus and, for the first time, dual rear cameras. There’s no word on the quality or megapixel count of the new cameras, but if it’s anything like the LG G6 then one will be a wide angle lens while the other will have a wider aperture and be better for portrait-style images.

How much will it cost?

There’s no price yet, but there’s no chance of the Note 8 being cheap. In the past, the Note series has cost significantly more than the already expensive flagship S-series. Since the S8 cost an eye-watering £689 at launch, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Note 8 sets you back upwards of £900. Best get saving before the likely September release.

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