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‘Mega deals’ in the Currys bank holiday sales – are they really a bargain?

Deals on fridge freezers, smart hubs, TVs, dishwashers and more come with an extra 10% off this weekend, but could you do better elsewhere?

‘Mega deals’ in the Currys bank holiday sales – are they really a bargain?

Despite the abundance of rain, Currys is persevering with its ‘Summer Mega deals’. Now, in an attempt to boost bank holiday sales, it has further cut the cost of hundreds of products.

You can save an extra 10% on a range of products from kitchen appliances to smart hubs, but are there any good deals in there or is Currys trying to clear the shelves of things that aren’t selling?

We’ve rifled through the products to see if there are any gems worth adding to your basket or if you should leave well alone. You can head to our full reviews to see whether they would be good additions to your home.

Best and worst online shops – the top places to spend your money and ones to avoid

Google Home smart hub – £99 (reduced from £129) – now £89

Control your smart tech, play music, set reminders, read you the news headlines – the Google Home can (nearly) do it all. It’s voice-activated – you just say what you want it to do and the always polite Google Assistant will be happy to help.

This smart hub can even recognise different people by their voice and give contextual responses. So if two different family members want to see if there is any disruption to their commutes, Google Home can give different answers, perhaps checking for train delays for one and roadworks for the other.

Is the Google Home as clever as it sounds, does the voice-recognition work well and will your music sound good on its speaker? Find out in our Google Home review.

Sony KD43XE8077SU TV – £809 (reduced from £899) – now £728

One of Sony’s 2017 TVs, the 43-inch 8077SU has all the latest TV tech built in. You can watch in 4K and HDR, which means you’ll have access to the best looking content around, including Ultra HD Blu-rays and 4K streaming from Amazon Video and Netflix. You can save an extra 10% on the £809 asking price this weekend, too.

As our tests have shown though, 4K, HDR and Full HD isn’t the same across all sets. We’ve tested TVs that look naff and sound worse despite having all the latest features.

Is this Sony all bluster? You can read our full Sony KD43XE8077SU review to find out if this set looks and sounds good.

Samsung UBD-M9000 UHD Blu-ray player – £279 (reduced from £399) – now £251

The perfect companion to your new 4K TV is a 4K Blu-ray player and this one comes with two free 4K Blu-rays: Planet Earth II and Everest.

One important thing to note is that £279 is the price you’ll pay for this Blu-ray player on most websites, but at Currys you will get an extra 10% off and if you buy it with a 4K TV, the price drops by a further £100.

This player is one of Samsung’s latest and not only does it play 4K Blu-rays, it can upscale your regular old Full HD Blu-rays, too. See if Samsung’s latest is also its greatest in our Samsung UBD-M9000 review.

ION Max LP Turntable – £69 (reduced from £79) – now £62

With your extra 10% you can get this turntable for £62, but should you rush out and buy it?

It plays vinyl like any turntable, but you can also wire this up to your PC to turn your favourite records into MP3s and listen on the go.

It’s small, too, making it easier to cart around with you, though you’ll still need mains power.

Does it sound good though? There’s no point in having a compact turntable that digitises your record if it sounds like two cats scrapping. See our final verdict on the ION Max LP in our review.

LG GSX961NSAZ fridge freezer – £1,499 (reduced from £1,799) – now £1,349

With the extra 10% you can nab this high-end fridge freezer for just under £1,350. It’s a hefty four-door chiller that can dispense water and ice, and it’s frost-free.

The right-hand door is transparent, so you can see what’s in your fridge without opening it. This should save energy, since you don’t need to keep letting in warm air. There’s also a smaller door built into the glass panel, so you can grab a can without needing to open up the entire fridge.

Is this gimmick worthwhile or are you paying more for a useless feature? Head to our first look review of the LG GSX961NSAZ to find out.

Grundig GNF41822B dishwasher – £399 (reduced from £499) – now £349

Whether in black or chrome, this is a stylish dishwasher and it should be efficient, too, thanks to its ability to detect how dirty your dishes are and use the right amount of water for the job.

It has variable water pressure, which means delicate glassware on the top shelf won’t get blasted with strong jets of H2O while greasy pans on the bottom shelf take a pounding.

Is this dishwasher as efficient as Grundig claims and will the high water pressure mean this dishwasher is too noisy? Head to our Grundig GNF41822B review for our full verdict.

How good are Currys’ reductions?

When researching these deals we noticed that on almost all of the products we looked at, the price offered by Currys was the same as other websites. There’s nothing too unusual in that, but on Currys’ website they have been reduced to get to their sale price.

Companies now have to show how long a product was at a certain price before a sale to avoid them hiking prices before the sale begins, only to drop it again a few days later and pretend it’s a bargain. On most of Currys offers we looked at, the prices were higher for around a month before the sale.

With the extra 10% discount there are bargains to be had, but it highlights how important it is to not take a deals at face value given that Currys’ reductions are only bringing its prices in line with its competitors in many cases.

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