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Can Stihl’s £99 cordless leaf blower clear up your garden this autumn?

Find out how we got on with the Stihl BGA 45 in our first look review

Can Stihl’s £99 cordless leaf blower clear up your garden this autumn?

A new cordless leaf blower costing just £99 is now available from Stihl. The company is best known for its high-end, costly garden machinery for professional gardeners. This leaf blower, alongside a strimmer and a hedge trimmer, also both priced at £99, is aimed squarely at home gardeners.

Leaf blowers are invaluable in autumn for shifting fallen leaves from your garden and blowing them into piles, ready to pick up. They help you keep hard surfaces, such as drives, patios and paths, clear of slippery leaves. You can also keep your lawn and borders looking tidy by blowing off leaves and plant debris as it falls. These leaves can then either be composted to make leaf mould or put in the green-waste collection. To do all this, you’ll need a blower with enough power to shift wet, claggy leaves, but not so much power that your few remaining flowers will be blasted from your borders.

Cordless models are particularly useful, as they are far quieter than petrol models, meaning you won’t annoy the neighbours, and, unlike corded electric models, you won’t have to drag the cable behind you around the garden. Find out how this new model compares with other leaf blowers, including pricier models from Stihl, by reading our reviews.

Stihl BGA 45

Read our Stihl BGA first look review.

The Stihl BGA 45 is a cordless leaf blower is powered by an 18V Li-ion battery. This is integrated into the leaf blower, so you don’t take it out to charge it. The battery charge lasts around 10 minutes, which should be enough to clear a small area.

As you might imagine from a low-cost leaf blower, there aren’t many bells and whistles to this garden tool. The tube is a fixed length and it only blows at a single speed. Find out whether we thought it was powerful enough to cope with wet leaves but without blasting the borders to pieces, by reading our Stihl BGA 45 first look review.

This is a blower only, so you don’t have the option to pick up leaves by converting the blower to a leaf vac. However, we’ve found that leaf blower vacs often don’t work particularly well, as the tube gets blocked or the vac doesn’t have the power to pick up wet leaves. To find the best leaf vacs, have a look at our guide to the best leaf blowers.

£99 garden tools from Stihl

Stihl also offers a grass trimmer and hedge trimmer, each for £99. We’ve tried both the grass trimmer and the hedge trimmer and thought they were worth considering if you have a small garden to look after. Like all Stihl products, they are easy to use and well designed, but half the price of the next cheapest cordless models from Stihl.

Find out what we thought of them in our first look reviews of the grass trimmer and hedge trimmer.

Where to buy Stihl tools

Up until now, Stihl machinery has only been available through the company’s network of dealers. Now for the first time you can buy them from a limited number of Dobbies garden centres in Scotland. These are in Aberdeen, Ayr, Dundee, Edinburgh (Melville) and Glasgow (Braehead).

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