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DJI Mavic Pro Platinum drone launches: better battery and less noise

New DJI drone is an upgrade on last year’s original Mavic Pro – how does it improve on its predecessor?

DJI is one of the most well-known drone manufacturers, and its launch of the new Mavic Pro Platinum is another attempt to become the go-to drone brand.

Drone enthusiasts will have likely heard of the DJI Mavic Pro, which launched last year. The Platinum is an upgraded version of it, bringing with it claims of better battery life and quieter operation.

The Mavic Pro Platinum has a similar compact design to its predecessor, and DJI says it’s aimed mainly at travellers, amateur photographers and outdoor sports enthusiasts. But it might also be a good choice if you’re just looking for a high-end drone to play around with.

It costs £1,199, which is around £100 more than the original Mavic Pro. You can buy it now, and it should start shipping by the end of September. But is it really worth its price tag?

Below, we explore DJI’s claims and what they really mean. Plus we compare it to its predecessor, which went through our assault of drone tests earlier this year. Despite the launch of its successor, you can still buy the Mavic Pro – head to our DJI Mavic Pro review to find out whether it’s any good.

Drone reviews – discover the high-flyers and those to avoid

DJI Mavic Pro Platinum battery life

DJI says that the Mavic Pro Platinum will fly for 11% more time before running out of battery. While that sounds quite impressive, it actually amounts to just three minutes. Last year’s Mavic Pro had a 27-minute flight-time claim, whereas DJI says you’ll bag half an hour with the Platinum.

Battery life with drones is generally quite disappointing. You simply won’t be able to fly around your drone for hours from a single charge of one battery. However, if you are buying a drone, you’ll still want one with the best stamina possible.

We’ve found huge differences in battery life between drones. While there are a few that manage more than 20 minutes before you’ll need to either recharge the battery, or swap in another fully charged one, the worst provides just nine minutes.

If the Mavic Pro Platinum lives up to its claimed 30-minute flight, it will be one of the best drones you can buy for battery life. To find out whether its predecessor matches it claim, read our verdict on the DJI Mavic Pro.

Quieter flight

The Mavic Pro Platinum is 60% quieter than the original Mavic Pro, which you’ll welcome if drone noise grates on you.

However, this claim is based on there being a difference of four decibels, which doesn’t sound quite as impressive as ‘60%’. Plus, it’s also based on the drone being operated inside, and the operator being within one metre of it. Unless you’re brave, that probably isn’t how you’d actually fly it.

Noise pollution isn’t the only thing to worry about if you’re flying a drone. Read our guide to how to fly a drone safely for essential tips and advice.

Does it come with a camera?

The Platinum’s camera has specs that are very similar to last year’s Mavic Pro.

It’s 12Mp, and records 4K video, so you should expect bright, detailed and vibrant photos and videos – if that’s what you’re looking for.

We rigorously test drone camera quality, and have found huge differences between models. As well as assessing photos and videos in normal light conditions, we also examine them in low light to see whether you’ll still be happy with your shots on a miserable and grey day.

Head to our guide on the best drones for photography to find out which ones take the best shots – and which you should avoid at all costs.

What makes a Best Buy drone?

Our 2017 drone tests found two Best Buy drones. As well as having decent battery life and taking stunning photos and videos, they also fly beautifully.

They take off and land without any drama, and react accurately and responsively to your commands. They also hold their own against wind, so you shouldn’t need to worry about losing control of them if there’s a sudden gust.

Unfortunately, we also unearthed a few Don’t Buy drones. They’re quite simply dreadful: they’re tricky to fly, take photos and videos you’ll want to immediately delete, and don’t last long before running out of battery.

Check out our Best Buy drones to make sure you make the best choice with your cash – and consult our Don’t Buy drones so you don’t make a decision you’ll regret.

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