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Volkswagen the latest carmaker to introduce new 2017 scrappage scheme

Raft of new car offers available as manufacturers seek to capitalise on public appetite for cleaner motoring

Volkswagen the latest carmaker to introduce new 2017 scrappage scheme

Volkswagen is the latest car manufacturer to announce a scrappage scheme for polluting diesel vehicles, with discounts available on new models which meet the latest EU emissions standard, Euro 6.

Between £1,800 and £6,000 can be had off the price of a new Volkswagen, depending on model, which all meet the latest emissions limits that came into force in September 2014.

Combined with the Government’s current OLEV grant for ultra-low-emissions vehicles, customers could save a total of £10,000 on the list price of a new Volkswagen e-Golf battery-electric car, or £8,500 off a Passat GTE plug-in hybrid.

Save on a new car

The offer is open to owners of any pre-Euro 5 (introduced September 2009) diesel vehicle, regardless of brand, registered before 2010 – provided it has been in the owner’s name for at least six months.

It can be used on the majority of new VW models, including petrol, diesel, plug-in hybrid and full electric vehicles, so long as you order one by 31 December 2017. However, it’s not available in conjunction with any other offer.

Volkswagen has stated that all cars traded-in as part of the scheme will be scrapped rather than sold to a new owner.

Other brands within the VW group are offering similar incentives, under the same conditions. Audi’s scrappage contribution ranges from £2,000-£8,000, while Seat and Skoda are offering £1,500-£3,500 and £1,500-£4,000 respectively.

The move comes in the wake of the group’s ‘Dieselgate’ scandal, in which around 11 million vehicles globally were found to be fitted with devices designed to cheat official laboratory emissions testing.

As a result, the EU has introduced a reinvigorated and tougher emissions-testing regime for new cars, which includes using specialist equipment to examine the exhaust emissions of a vehicle as it drives on the open road.

The Volkswagen group isn’t the only manufacturer offering incentives to drivers of older cars. A number of the UK’s major car brands have launched their own scrappage incentives, in an effort to increase sales as the motoring public braces for increasing financial penalties for driving an older diesel car.

Below is a round-up of the latest scrappage incentives being offered to UK motorists from other car brands:


BMW’s ‘lower emissions allowance’ offers discounts to drivers who trade in a pre-Euro 5 engine diesel car that they’ve owned for at least 12 months.

Running until the end of the year, the scheme provides an additional £2,000 off any new BMW or Mini with official CO2 emissions of less than 130g/km.

The offer includes plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles such as the i3 hatchback and i8 sports car, as well as the Mini Countryman PHEV.


Ford’s scrappage scheme is open to all pre-Euro 5 cars registered before 2010, regardless of whether they are petrol or diesel.

To get between £2,000 and £7,000 off, depending on the model, the owner must have owned their car for at least 90 days.

As well as discounts on popular models such as the Fiesta (£2,000 off) and Focus (£4,950 off), Ford has extended it to include a number of its commercial vehicles, including various iterations of the Transit van. The Mondeo large hatchback, Galaxy people carrier and Edge SUV aren’t included in the scheme, however.


Korean manufacturer Hyundai is offering between £1,545 and £5,000 off the price of a new model, for drivers of any petrol or diesel pre-Euro 5 cars registered before 2010.

Provided they have owned their car for at least 90 days, customers could get £5,000 off a new Santa Fe SUV or £2,000 off an Ioniq Hybrid. Offers are available on nearly all of the Hyundai range, bar full electric versions of the Ionic.

Hyundai has said that all Euro 1-3 cars they receive will be scrapped, while owners of Euro 4 models will be able to simply trade them in without having to commit their car to being destroyed.


Kia’s offer is simpler, with £2,000 offered off the price of new Picanto and Rio small hatchbacks, for any car traded in that is more than seven years old.

The only criteria is that the new car must be bought in the same name that the old car was registered to. Kia has committed to scrapping all of the cars it receives through the scheme, rather than selling them on.


Nissan is referring to its offer as a ‘switch scheme’ as it doesn’t guarantee that all older vehicles traded in will be destroyed. It is offering £2,000 off across much of its range, including its zero-emissions Leaf electric car.

Combined with existing manufacturer offers, buyers could save up to £3,600 off the all-new Micra hatchback, or £5,000 off the X-Trail large SUV, if the car is switched between 1 and 30 September 2017, and the new car is registered by January 2018.

The scheme is open to all pre-Euro 5 engine cars registered before 2010.


Renault’s scrappage scheme is open to all cars and vans with a pre-Euro 5 engine registered before 2010 and owned by the customer for at least 90 days.

£2,000 is available off many of the brand’s range of cars and vans. Combined with other savings, you could get £4,250 off a new Clio hatchback or £4,000 off the new Scenic and Grand Scenic MPVs. The Zoe electric car is not included, though.

Interest-free hire-purchase finance and two years’ free servicing are also offered on car purchases.

The scheme runs until the end of December 2017, and Renault has committed to scrapping all vehicles it receives under it.


Vauxhall is offering a blanket £2,000 off Adam, Corsa, Meriva, Astra and Mokka X models, for any vehicle, regardless of age, fuel type or roadworthiness. The only condition is that the customer must have been the registered keeper of the old car for at least 90 days.


Toyota will accept any car over seven years old, if the owner has had it for at least six months. Discounts are available across much of the range, including £2,000 off a new Aygo city car and Prius hybrid, to £4,000 off a new Land Cruiser SUV.

Interest-free finance is also available on a number of selected models.


Customers could get up to £2,000 off a new Mercedes Euro 6 diesel, plug-in hybrid or electric car when they trade in any diesel vehicle manufactured between 1992 and 2010 (Euro 1-4).

Alternatively, £1,000 is being offered against a Smart ForTwo Electric Drive.

They must have owned their old car for at least six months, and the new vehicle must be registered before the end of March 2018.

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