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Microsoft Surface Book 2 takes on Apple MacBook Pro

The most powerful Windows 10 Surface laptop ever has Apple in its sights

Microsoft Surface Book 2 takes on Apple MacBook Pro

Microsoft has unveiled the Surface Book 2, a new hybrid laptop that the tech giant says is ‘twice as powerful as the latest MacBook Pro’. We inspect the specs to see if this Windows laptop can live up to such lofty claims.

The cheapest Surface Book 2 model will cost over £1,000, which is no small sum for a laptop. Break the £1,000 barrier and you’re firmly in Apple MacBook territory.

So what features can you expect in exchange for your hard-earned cash? Keep scrolling for the details on Microsoft’s new laptop, and to see how it compares to its main Mac rival.

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Surface Book 2 – key features

As was the case with the original Microsoft Surface Book, the Surface Book 2 is a tablet/laptop hybrid that’s all about combining power with portability. It’ll be available with a 13-inch display (the same size as the original Surface Book), but there’s also a 15-inch model if you’d like a little extra space for multitasking.

The Surface Book 2 is powered by the latest 8th gen Intel Core processors, which Microsoft says make it ‘up to five times more powerful’ than the original Surface Book. That’s a bold claim (plus, bad luck if you bought last year’s model), and one we’ll be putting to the test in our lab as soon as we can.

As for battery life, we’re told you’ll get up to 17 hours of video playback from the Surface Book 2 on a single charge – more than enough for a full working day followed by some Netflix in the evening.

If you want to get work done on the move, you can use the Surface Book 2 as a tablet. The screen detaches from the keyboard and Microsoft’s Pen Stylus will be there to help you scribble down some notes. Here’s how the two models compare:

We’re still waiting to hear all the details on pricing. What we do know so far is that the 13-inch model will start from £1,499, while the larger alternative starts at a hefty $2,499 in the US (around £1,900). If you’re holding out for the more powerful i7 model, be prepared to part with even more cash.

The Surface Book 2 is available for pre-order in the UK from 9 November.

Surface Book 2 vs Apple MacBook Pro

With the Surface Book 2, Microsoft has the Apple MacBook Pro well and truly in its sights. According to the launch claims, the Surface Book 2 is ‘more powerful’ than its Apple rival, with superior battery life and a display that packs in more pixels. But we can’t truly tell how good the screen is until its put it through our full tests.

Like the Surface Book 2, the Apple MacBook Pro is available with either a 13-inch or 15-inch screen. At the time of writing, the cheapest model on Apple’s website will set you back £1,249. That gets you an Intel Core i5 processor and 128GB of internal storage, but it won’t get you the sleek Touch Bar with built-in Touch ID – this is the reserve of even higher-end MacBook Pro models.

Another key difference is that the Surface Book 2 has a touchscreen. To date, this is a feature Apple has kept locked away from its MacBook laptops (preferring users to opt for an iPad for that touchscreen experience).

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