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Windows Phone is dead, Bill Gates swaps to Android

Microsoft won't be making new phones, but will still support existing users

Windows Phone is dead, Bill Gates swaps to Android

Having failed to hold its own against Android and iOS rivals, Microsoft has confirmed it won’t be making any more Windows Phone mobiles.

It’s been a dismal year for Windows Phone. In an interview with Fox News Sunday, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has admitted to swapping his Windows Phone out for an Android alternative. A couple of weeks later and some tweets from another Microsoft employee have confirmed our suspicions – Windows Phone is dead.

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So long, Windows Phone

Two years have passed since a Windows phone made its way to our test lab, and now the operating system is on its way out.

Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President for Windows, Joe Belfiore, has said that the tech giant will no longer focus on new phones, although it will still support existing mobiles running the Windows Phone OS. He said:

A lack of interest in Windows Phone from app developers has also made it hard to compete. Belfiore says Microsoft has tried ‘very hard’ to convince app makers, but the ‘volume of users is too low for most companies to invest’.

The first Windows Phone we tested was 2014’s Nokia Lumia 630, which arrived with a 480×854-resolution screen and a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, which was excellent back in the day. Since then we’ve had our hands on the Nokia Lumia 930, Lumia 830 and most recently the Lumia 435, which we tested in May 2015.

Nokia Lumia 630 (left), Nokia Lumia 435 (right)

Windows vs Android – did Bill Gates make the right choice?

Compare the average test score of a phone running Windows OS with Android, and the death of Microsoft’s platform doesn’t come as a surprise.

Although we’ve only tested 12 Windows Phone models (compared to 164 Android mobiles since 2014), our test results clearly show Android handsets score higher on average than Windows Phone mobiles.

Last year the company finished up with 57% for average test score, but Android soared ahead with a far more impressive 67%. To see which phone brands Which? members recommend, see our guide on the most reliable smartphone brands.

Cheap mobile phones

When the Windows Phone line-up was still going strong, it was affordability that tempted buyers to try it out. Even though Windows Phone is on its last legs, there are still plenty of other budget-priced handsets to consider. You’ll be pleased to hear that our rigorous tests prove you don’t always need to break the bank to land yourself a proven Best Buy mobile.

To see which affordable smartphones our experts recommend, see our guide on buying a mobile phone on a budget.

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