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Get your garden tools ready for winter

Top tips for making sure your garden tools are stored safely

Get your garden tools ready for winter

Winter is the time where your garden is at rest. Most planting, sowing and harvesting is done for the year and you have got your tender plants ready to face the cold.

But make sure you don’t neglect your garden tools. As they won’t be in use over winter, it’s the perfect time to make sure they are cleaned, maintained and stored properly so they are ready for action once spring arrives. It will also help to prolong their life.

Read on for how to prep your garden tools for winter. If you want to know what other gardening jobs you can do right now then head over to our advice on gardening jobs for December.

Battery-powered tools

Leave your batteries with some charge in them, and check them periodically to make sure they aren’t drained. If possible you should store your batteries inside, rather than in your shed as cold can affect them.

Petrol-powered tools

No matter the tool, you should drain it of petrol before storing it over winter. If you are unsure how to do this then the manufacturer’s instructions will tell you the best way. Also make sure that you are disposing petrol in the right way.

Petrol lawn mowers


  • Drain petrol
  • Make sure the engine has enough oil
  • Clean all parts and oil machine parts that will be prone to rust over winter
  • Store in a clean, dry and frost-protected place
  • Make sure any cables are not bent or have any kinks in them

For more advice on how to maintain your lawn, including advice on what to do with it during the winter months, head on over to our advice on how to care for your lawn in winter.


  • Fuel and oil should be drained
  • Guide-bar cover should be put in place to prevent incidents
  • Remove the spark-plug cap from the spark plug
  • Put on the chain break
  • Clean and have a complete service done

Get more advice on how to how to use your chainsaw safely with our article on chainsaw safety.

Hedge trimmers

  • Drain and clean the fuel tank
  • Run engine til the carburetor is dry
  • Clean cutting blades and thoroughly clean entire machine
  • Check that the condition is still good
  • Treat the blade with blade oil or manufacturer-recommended resin
  • Fit the blade scabbard
  • Store in dry and safe spot

Not sure which is the right time of year to cut your hedge? Check out our guide on when is best to cut your hedge.

Pressure washers

  • Your pressure washer needs to be drained of all water or it could freeze inside the machine and burst the pipes causing it leak water
  • Make sure to pull the trigger, too, so that no water is left in the washer
  • Wipe it down thoroughly with a soft brush or cloth
  • Store it in a frost-free location and do not stack anything on top of it
  • Make sure the hose isn’t kinked

Put your pressure washer to use over the winter. Get step-by-step instructions on cleaning your car with a pressure washer.

Garden shredders

  • Make sure that all the screws are still tightened
  • Lubricate any metal parts to protect them
  • Check that all filters are clear of debris
  • Clean using a damp cloth or soft brush

Check out our guide on how to get the most from garden shredder for tips on how to use this garden kit safely and effectively.


Not exactly a garden tool, but definitely a garden essential, compost should be all used before winter. If not, it should be added to your compost heap or used to mulch your garden as it is probably not best left to sit through the winter.

Get prepared for spring. Read up on the best compost for sowing seeds.


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