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Half of photos uploaded to Flickr in 2017 from smartphones

More people are using iPhones than ever before

Half of photos uploaded to Flickr in 2017 from smartphones

Veteran photo-sharing website Flickr recently shared data on the devices that were used most frequently to upload photos to its platform.

This year, smartphones accounted for 50% of the photos uploaded to Flickr, up 2% from 2016. Other cameras types, such as compact, DSLR and Mirrorless account for 33%, 12%, and 4%, respectively.

However, it could be argued that Flickr is not the juggernaut it once was, and this data doesn’t represent the photography community. But the platform does still have more than 75 million registered users worldwide, and it provides an accurate overview of the types of cameras people are using today.

It’s no surprise that the volume of uploads with smartphones tally up to such a large percentage. Phones with a built-in camera are our go-to photography tool because they’re compact, simple to use, and you always have a phone on you.

Plus, as cameras in phones become more sophisticated – with AI-integrated software and dual-lenses, for instance – phone manufacturers are banking on this, and use photography as a selling point.

Below, we take a closer look at the breakdown of Flickr’s top photography devices and brands for 2017.

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Top devices in 2017

As mentioned, smartphones are king of the camera types this year. The most popular iPhones in 2017 were slightly older models, such as the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 5s.

With the rise of smartphones, the compact cameras category has seen the biggest drop in ownership for 2017; marked at 12%, down from 48% in 2016 — a significant decline. We’ve also seen that reflected in the UK camera market, with fewer models released this year than ever before.

DSLR cameras have improved on its metric from last year, up from 25% in 2016, while Mirrorless cameras remained at 4% total uploads for the third year running.

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Top brands in 2017

Apple remained the dominant brand in 2017, becoming more popular than Canon and Nikon combined. Apple iPhones accounted for 54% of the top 100 devices, plus nine of the top ten devices in 2017.

While you may think of Canon and Nikon as the most popular camera brand, it looks like they have a fight on their hands with Apple. Canon is placed second with 23%, and Nikon came in third with 18%. The Canon 5D Mark III was the only other camera to appear in the top 10 device list, placing ninth.

While the 5D Mark III was released back in 2012, it’s encouraging to see this camera is still in regular use. Its full-frame sensor, updated design and improved autofocus make the camera a joy to use. Although, its popularity among Flickr users could be attributed to the time between camera releases, with the 5D Mark IV released four years later. Based on in-depth Which? testing, see our full Canon 5D Mark III review.

Which mobile phone brands are the most reliable?

While we’re using mobile phones more frequently to take photos, reliability is an important factor when considering a mobile phone.

That’s why we survey thousands of Which? members each year about their experiences with their smartphones. We ask them to tell us about any faults that their handsets have developed, when these happened, and how severe these issues were.

Only 7% of phones from the most reliable brand developed any kind of problem over our three-year survey period, while it’s 32% for those from the least reliable brand. Plus, phones from the least reliable brand are more than eight times more likely to break over the first three years of ownership.

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Top 25 photos on Flickr in 2017

Lastly, if you fancy browsing through some top-notch photos, Flickr has also selected the top 25 photos for 2017 uploaded to their platform. They used an algorithm that calculated the top photos based on a number of social and engagement metrics, for example, how many times the photo was viewed, faved, or shared. Plus, they limited the selections to one photo per photographer who happened to be noted on the top list numerous times.

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