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Ikea cot bed advert doubles up as pregnancy test

If the test is positive, the page reveals means of getting discounts at Ikea

Ikea cot bed advert doubles up as pregnancy test

If you pee on Ikea’s new cot bed advert and it shows a positive pregnancy result, it will reveal a discount price for its baby cribs.

Although this is clearly a stunt from Ikea to capture the attention and business of soon-to-be-parents, it’s a much cheaper way of finding out if you’re expecting than buying a pregnancy test.

While it reveals a discount price, it’s actually an advertisement for Ikea’s free-to-join membership club Ikea Family. So it’s not the case that pregnant pee-ers can automatically get a discount. Rather, they see the price of a cot bed if they were to join up to Ikea Family.

Cot beds are typically the most expensive item in a baby’s nursery, costing anywhere from £70 for a basic model up to £1,000 for a premium one. Ikea is only running the innovative new ad in Swedish women’s magazine Amelia at the moment.

Take a look at our cot bed reviews to find out which cot beds are worth considering. Or read on to find out the vital information you need to know before investing in a cot bed or crib for your baby.

Should you buy a cot bed rather than a cot or crib?

Your baby will grow at an incredible rate during their first year, and in the first six months you can expect them to roughly double their birth weight. This means they will soon outgrow a Moses basket or bassinet, and will need to move to a cot bed or crib.

Cot beds are usually more expensive than cribs, but they will last a lot longer. That’s because they can be used as a cot and then converted into a toddler-sized bed when your child is old enough.

Some cot beds will even last until your little one is nine years old, but this will depend on the height and weight of your child, and how much wear and tear there is.

However, cribs and cots take up much less space than a cot bed, so could be a good alternative if space is at a premium. And if you’re planning on having more than one child, you can use the cot for the new baby and buy a single bed for your older child when the time comes.

Cot bed mattress advice

Whichever cot bed you go for, it’s crucial to get the right cot mattress to go in your chosen cot bed.

The Lullaby Trust, which promotes advice on safer sleep for babies, recommends buying a new cot mattress for your baby rather than using a second-hand one.

Before using any mattress, check that it’s firm, flat and protected by a waterproof cover. This will help keep the mattress clean, dry and hygienic. There must be no sagging, and it should fit the cot snugly with no gaps.

Read more safe sleeping tips in our dedicated guide and take a look at our latest cot bed mattress reviews.

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