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First look review: Lidl’s £10 Silvercrest hair and beard trimmer

New range includes a £10 Silvercrest hair dryer. What do you get for the price?

The chin-scratchingly cheap Silvercrest beard trimmer is available instore at Lidl now, for as long as stocks last. Could this be the best personal care bargain around?

It’s not the first time Lidl has launched budget-friendly personal care products. In September 2017 we took a first look at the Lidl Sanitas SBF 70 Bluetooth Diagnostic Scale, and it more recently released the Silvercrest Personal Care Activity Tracker.

This low-cost beard trimmer is among the cheapest you’ll find, but how does it compare with other beard trimmers in terms of features?

We tried it out as soon as it went on sale. Get our verdict in the full Lidl Silvercrest beard trimmer first look review.

What is the Silvercrest beard trimmer?

Lidl beard trimmer

At just £9.99, this beard trimmer appears to be an absolute steal. It is, to date, less than half the price of the cheapest model we’ve done a first look for. The specs on the Silvercrest beard trimmer include:

  • Precision ground, stainless steel cutting head which can be removed for cleaning: virtually all beard trimmer blades will be stainless steel and precision ground, but a removable head is a useful function that should make cleaning a bit easier.
  • Precision trimmer for moustache, eyebrows or sideburns: although a common feature on electric shavers, precision trimmers aren’t usually found on beard trimmers. This is a useful addition that can help you get a more defined look around the neck line and cheeks.
  • Battery or mains operated: mains rechargeable beard trimmers can be used while plugged in and unplugged. This is a very useful function that will help you avoid being caught without power, mid-trim.
  • 60 minutes’ claimed battery operating time: this is the standard amount of time for most beard trimmers we’ve seen recently.
  • Two adjustable comb attachments for different cutting lengths: there are no specifics on the Lidl website about the length settings on these comb attachments. Previous iterations of the Silvercrest beard trimmer have had cutting lengths ranging from 1-33mm, which is a wider than normal range.
  • Three-year warranty: a reassuring guarantee, in case you do encounter any issues with it.

If you want to see how it stacks up against trimmers from more established brands such as Braun, Philips, Remington and Wahl, make sure you check out all of our beard trimmer first look reviews.

What is the Lidl Silvercrest ionic hair dryer?

Also on sale at Lidl this week, is the Silvercrest ionic hair dryer. We’ve tested cheap hair dryers before, but at £9.99 this hair dryer is easily the cheapest we’ve seen. So what can you expect for this price? The specs on the Silvercrest ionic hair dryer include:

  • Ionic technology: this is an increasingly common function on modern hair dryers, and manufacturers claim it protects hair, reduces frizz, improves shine and banishes static. Our independent tests have shown that it can help reduce hair damage caused by drying at high temperatures.
  • Two speed levels and three heat settings: this is the standard amount of speeds and settings we’d expect to see, even at this price.
  • Cold air function: cool hair holds its shape better, so this button helps when setting your style.
  • Diffuser and concentrator nozzles: the prongs on a diffuser hold up sections of your hair in order to add volume to the roots. We’ve tested some expensive models that don’t come with a diffuser so this is a nice addition for the price.

We’ve found no direct link between price and the performance of hair dryers in our exacting tests. In fact, we’ve uncovered a terrific Best Buy hair dryer of scales that costs less than £30 and sailed through our testing. Check out our list of the top five best cheap hair dryers to find one that will be great for your hair and better for your bank balance, or read all our hair dryer reviews to see the full range of tested products, including the £300 Dyson Supersonic.

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