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New smart Nutribullet uses an app to make the perfect smoothie

Nutribullet Balance app measures how much fruit is in your cup and works out the nutritional value of your smoothie

New smart Nutribullet uses an app to make the perfect smoothie

Update: We’ve now fully tested the Nutribullet Balance, read our full review to find our full verdict on its smart features and smoothie-making abilities.

We’ve seen an influx of smart connected appliances at CES and blender brand Nutribullet is following suit with the Nutribullet Balance – a Bluetooth connected blender with app support.

Visually, there’s not much to separate it from the other blenders in the range. You’ll still be locking a clear cup into the base and blending everything from bananas to spinach, but the app gives you access to a range of recipes and more in-depth nutritional detail.

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Making a smoothie with the Nutribullet Balance

1. Connect your smartphone to the blender

The new blender has Bluetooth and you need to connect your phone to it. Once connected, download the Nutribullet Balance app. It shows you what to add to your smoothie and how much you’ve put into the cup.

2. Choose a recipe in the app

Currently, the app has hundreds of recipes to choose from, or you can make up your own. You can put any combination of fruit and veg you like into the giant smoothie cups. If you’re not using a recipe, you won’t get the benefit of the app telling you the nutritional value of what’s going in your smoothie.

You can choose the kind of smoothies you like to drink. You can select from several options, including vegan, kid-friendly, high-fibre, high-protein and low-carb. The app will also remember your dietary restrictions and only recommend recipes that don’t have what you can’t eat.

3. Add your ingredients

Put the cup onto the blender and start adding ingredients. As you do, you’ll see the cup start to fill on the app. You can see exactly how much of each ingredient you need and once that section of the cup is full on the app you can move onto the next ingredient.

As you add ingredients, the app will display their weight and nutritional value. By the time your ingredients are in, you’ll know exactly how many calories are in the smoothie as well as protein, carbs and fat levels.

4. Start blending

Blending is controlled from the app, too. And, since it knows exactly what’s in your cup, it will set the ideal blending time to ensure your drink is smooth.

If you prefer your smoothies a little chunky, you can also set a texture preference.

How much does it cost and when can I get it?

The Nutribullet Balance is currently available in the US for $180, which works out at £133 by today’s exchange rate. If it is £133 when it releases in the UK later this year, then it would be the most expensive Nutribullet available.

For the money you get the blender, two blending cups and two lids.

Which? view on the Nutribullet Balance

Based on the information we have so far, this sounds like a promising development. Nutribullet tends to provide rich recipe information and blending advice with its products, and the recipe app takes this to the next level. This can be helpful if you are just getting started with blending, or want to branch out from making the same old smoothie.

Advice on how to layer up your ingredients and getting the proportions right, as well as tailored blending times, could help you to get better results too, as we know that these factors can affect the overall blend.

We’ll be trying out the new Nutribullet as soon as it’s available. To compare all the current Nutribullet models, and see cheap alternatives, including Best Buy personal blenders from £45, head to our blender reviews.

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