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New wireless headphones revealed by Sony and Sennheiser

Plus a new pair of earbuds from Jabra with Alexa built in, updated B&O over-ear models and new JBL headphones that come with Google Assistant

New wireless headphones revealed by Sony and Sennheiser

There were no shortage of wireless headphones on offer at CES, with some of the biggest names in audio, including Sony, Sennheiser and B&O all showing off new products for 2018.

The truly wireless earbud headphones first popularised by the Apple AirPods also got a lot of love at CES and some even had Alexa and Google Assistant built in.

With interesting new features and improvements to battery life and charging, 2018’s batch of new headphones could be worth a look. Here’s our pick of what we saw at the show.

Top five wireless headphones – the Bluetooth headphones that impressed us the most.

Sony WF-SP700N

Sony’s latest headphones are truly wireless with a secure fit and a splashproof design that makes them useful for sport. They are noise cancelling, too, which isn’t common In headphones this size.

The battery life, at three hours, isn’t much to write home about, but the portable charging case has enough juice to fully charge them twice.

If you’re nervous about one of the earpieces falling out during your morning run, Sony unveiled a version with a wire that connects the left and right earpiece.

Sony is also planning to upgrade some of its older headphones to work with Google Assistant. The WF-1000X, WI-1000X, WH-1000XM2, WH-CH700N, WF-SP700N and WH-900N and are all getting the new firmware.

Jabra Elite 65t and Elite Active 65t

Jabra has two pairs of truly wireless earbud headphones in the works that are similar, but the Elite Active is designed for sport.

Whichever pair you choose, you’ll get a claimed five hours of battery life and the portable case can charge them a further two times. The Elites also have Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri control built in – its four microphones will hopefully be enough to get your chosen assistant to understand you.

Having voice control means you won’t need to take your phone out of your pocket quite so often to control your music or check messages.

The Elite Active double as a fitness tracker, to a point by tracking your steps. The data collected is fed back to the Jabra app where you can also customise how the headphones sound.

The Jabra Elite 65t will cost around £125 and the Elite Active will be £140. Both pairs will release later this year.

B&O Play H8i and H9i

These headphones are updates to B&O’s top-of-the-line range. The H8i are on-ear headphones and the H9i are over-ear. Both have better battery life according to B&O. You should get 18 hours out of the H8i and 30 hours out of the H9i. Both will be charged with a USB-C cable.

It’s not just the battery life that has improved – both pairs have some handy new features. Taking them off will now pause your music automatically and start it again when you put them on, although this feature is unique to the H9i model. Tapping the side of the headphones will immediately pause any music and stop noise cancelling if you need to quickly be aware of the world around you.

The H8i headphones are the more affordable of the two at £349 and will be released later in the year. The H9i are due out this month for £449.

See what we thought of the headphones these are replacing in our B&O H8 review.

Sennheiser CX 6.0 BT

These new in-ear headphones are connected by a wire, so they aren’t truly wireless like Sony and Jabra’s latest models.

They do have slightly more battery life at six hours and they only need 10 minutes plug-in time to provide two hours of music. A full charge takes 90 minutes.

The CX 6.0 can be connected to two Bluetooth devices at once, which is handy if you’re switching between a laptop and your phone, and you’ll get voice notifications if the battery is running low.

The Sennheiser CX 6.0 BT headphones will cost around £90 when they release later this year.

You can find out what we thought of other headphones in the range in our Sennheiser CX 7.0 BT review.

JBL Everest 110GA and 710GA

The in-ear Everest 110GA and over-ear Everest 710GA are Bluetooth wireless headphones, both with the Google Assistant voice assistant built in.

To activate Google Assistant you simply touch the sensors located on the headphones’ earcups, and then you can control volume, play, pause and skip tracks, get information and much more without having to get out your smartphone.

UK prices are yet to be announced but the Everest 110GA in-ear headphones are priced at €100 with a claimed battery life of 8 hours and the Everest 710GA headphones at €250 with an impressive claimed battery life of 25 hours.

The over-ear Everest 710GA headphones have a curved headband aimed at reducing pressure on your ears for more comfortable listening, with the ear cushions made from memory-foam materials. Both models are available in metallic colours Gunmetal and Mountain Silver. They will be available in the UK from autumn 2018.

See how previous Everest models we’ve tested performed in our lab by visiting our JBL Everest 100 and JBL Everest 300 reviews.

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