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Thousands of KitchenAid kettles recalled by Whirlpool due to burn risk

Whirlpool-owned brand KitchenAid is recalling kettles after reports of handles detaching and causing burns

Thousands of KitchenAid kettles recalled by Whirlpool due to burn risk

Update for 26 February 2018 – Whirlpool has now confirmed that UK models are affected. To find out more, see the full story on the UK KitchenAid kettle recall.

Whirlpool has issued a recall notice for its KEK1722 jug kettle, though it is yet to confirm exactly which countries or products are affected. The problem concerns the handle, which can loosen and separate from the kettle, potentially causing hot contents to spill and posing a burn hazard.

The recall follows reports of 79 complaints to Whirlpool in the US of handles separating, three of which led to minor burns. In the US, it affects 40,200 kettles, with a further 47,300 units sold in Canada (resulting in 19 reported detached handles, one of which caused a burn) and 1,600 in Mexico.

The affected kettles start with the code KEK1722, of which there are multiple colour variants. Whirlpools says anyone with an affected kettle should stop using it immediately.

At present, it’s not clear from the information on the Whirlpool website, or the recall notice, whether UK models are affected as well. We’ve asked KitchenAid to confirm, but as yet it hasn’t given us a clear answer. However, when we entered the serial number of the kettle we tested into the Whirlpool product checking tool, we were told it was an affected model.

KitchenAid kettle recall: how to check if you have a faulty model

If you own a KitchenAid kettle, you can go to Whirlpool’s website to check if your model is affected – click here to check now. You will need both your model and serial number which can be found on the bottom of the kettle, as in the photo below.

The recall site currently has very little information, and to find out more you need to fill out this form:

KitchenAid recall form

We used the serial number from the kettle we tested soon after this model launched in 2014, and got the following safety notice:

Whirlpool has said that those affected should immediately stop using their kettle and contact it for a replacement. Visit repair.whirlpool.com for more information.

Whirlpool safety concerns

Which? has an ongoing concern with the Whirlpool group’s handling of safety matters arising from a fault affecting Whirlpool-owned-brand tumble dryers, and as a result we have not been awarding Best Buys to any Whirlpool-owned brands, and include an alert across all Whirlpool-owned products to this effect.

We tested the KitchenAid 5KEK1722BER kettle in 2014, but, this recall aside, are not currently recommending it due to our concerns around how Whirlpool has handled previous safety issues on its products.

Faulty products: your rights

For advice and information on your options when a product you own is subject to a safety recall, read our guide to product safety.

To see which kettle brands we do recommend, read our guide to the top kettle brands for 2018.

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